10 best hairstyle for women over 40.

There’s no age limit on a haircut. Anyone, of any age, can and should wear their hair however they please. With that being said, it’s common for women over 40 to commit to a shorter haircut. Why is that? Hair is personal and unique, so it’s probably different for everybody. However, we have a few theories.

hairstyle for women over 40

Our first theory is that short hair often translates to less time spent shampooing, conditioning, drying, and styling. It means less weight, less static, and fewer flyaways—and often less product. It might even mean less damage. Aside from the time and effort factor, there’s just something emotionally freeing about chopping off your hair. For many women, this means rebelling against a false perception that long hair is somehow more feminine or more youthful. “Life over 40 brings lots of incredible gifts and opportunities to express your womanhood. Let your short style give room for variety and be a natural extension of who you are on the inside,” says stylist Melanie Bolton.

1. Curly Bob With Bangs

hairstyle for women over 40

Tia Mowry showed off her gorgeous natural hair in a selfie she posted to Instagram. “[It’s] a great example of how natural curls can frame the face to highlight the eyes and give length to the neck, fulfilling two of the most popular hair goals for women over 40,” comments Bolton.

“This look requires a foundation of hydration to keep frizz at bay. This means using rich, moisturising care products and treatments on a regular basis (like Flow 30 Second Treatment, $25),” adds Bolton. “To style and add curl control, apply a cream-based texture cream, such as Flow Design Cream ($22) onto damp curls and air or diffuser drying. To finish, apply a shine serum or oil on dry curls.”

2. Blonde Lob

hairstyle for women over 40

Salma Hayek transformed her look when she traded in her signature dark tresses for this long blonde bob. The lighter colour works to brighten her complexion and adds an air of youthfulness while the collar-bone grazing length is super flattering. If you’re considering going lighter, we’ve gathered our favourite blonde-haired looks for inspiration.

3. Sleek Pixie

hairstyle for women over 40

Rose McGowan’s chic minimalist ‘do has got it all. “This cut is classic yet modern and one of the lowest maintenance cuts to style daily.

To maintain the shape of this haircut, you should get a haircut as often as every four weeks. To style daily, if you have naturally straight hair, it’s as simple as applying a bit of product throughout that will create a smooth, tucked away finish.,” he says. “For hair with texture, it may require a bit of heat styling but should take no more than five to 10 minutes. I recommend running a bit of Virtue Labs Un-Frizz Cream ($21) in before you blow-dry for a smooth, polished end result.

4. Timeless One-Length Bob

hairstyle for women over 40

Here, Naomi Watts gives the illusion of an asymmetrical cut by simply parting her hair to the side. “You can never go wrong with a chic, classic one-length bob that is easy to maintain. Consult with your stylist to see what length would look best on your face shape. Ask for a blunt, one-length bob with no layers. Apply a bit of Virtue Labs Healing Oil ($44) from the mid to ends of your hair for a beautiful high shine finish.

5. Sleek, Swooped Bob

hairstyle for women over 40

Charlize Theron’s sleek bob is made all the better by parting her hair far off to one side, so it swoops over her face in a modern and editorial manner. Pair this cut with coppery eyeshadow and a matching lip, and you’ll be red carpet–ready too. 


hairstyle for women over 40

You can’t go wrong with long and wavy hair no matter what age you are. To recreate Lucy Liu’s beachy waves, simply wrap your hair around a 1 1/4″ curling wand.


hairstyle for women over 40

Ready for the easiest hairstyle ever? When you have Leslie Mann’s length, the only thing you need to do on the daily is add texture. Spritz on some salt spray — like Bumble and Bumble’s best selling Surf Spray — then rake your fingers through.

8. Simple And Elegant

hairstyle for women over 40

Actress Michelle Yeoh looks stunning in this hairstyle. A low bun with simple side bangs looks classy and works well for any event or meeting.

9. Waves And Tendrils

hairstyle for women over 40

We’ve all seen Helena Bonham Carter with some crazy hairdos, but she looks incredible in this hairstyle and you can too! If you have a slightly boxy face, this hairstyle is for you – simple waves with tendrils on the sides of your face.

10. Classic Jen

hairstyle for women over 40

I just had to add this classic Jennifer Aniston look. A slight side parting with two layers and some face-framing highlights will work wonders in making you look young. If you have a round face, try this hairstyle as the layers accentuate the lower half of your face, giving it more definition.

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