10 best hairstyles for straight hair men.

I hope you guys with straight hair are rejoicing right now! You’ve won the lottery when it comes to your hair. Straight hair requires the least amount of care and styling than any other type of hair. Simply wash your hair, blow it dry, and style it, and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

But alas, there is no such thing as a flawless hair type, and straight hair is not an exception to this rule. This particular type of hair frequently gives the appearance of being dull, flat, and lifeless in certain lighting conditions. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the top haircuts for men who have straight hair. These styles will amplify the fullness of your strands that are straight and maximise the volume of your fine locks. But before we get into it, let’s begin with a few helpful hints.

1. Textured Fringe

best hairstyles for straight hair men

The popularity of fringe hairstyles is through the roof, and for good reason. They are flattering to wear on anyone, regardless of the texture of their hair. The most important thing is to select a fringe cut that works well with both your natural hair and the contours of your face. In order to breathe more life into men’s hair who have straight hair, we suggest that they have a fringe haircut that features a lot of different types of texture.

2. Short Quiff

best hairstyles for straight hair men

The dramatic effect of a full pompadour or a lengthy quiff can be difficult for men to pull off, especially if their hair is straight. However, this does not imply that such potential dos should be completely eliminated from consideration. Straight and fine male hair types look best with a shorter quiff cut than any other type of hairstyle. It also requires very little styling and is considerably simpler to care for than other hair types. Simply wash your hair and blow-dry it while pulling the front of your hair back into a high ponytail.

3. Medium-Length Taper

best hairstyles for straight hair men

What do David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, and Jake Gyllenhaal have in common? all three of them are famous actors. They are all huge admirers of having their hair cut in a tapered style. Who could possibly blame them? With a tapered cut, it’s difficult to make a mistake. This ageless haircut is both traditional and up to date, and it works well with a variety of head shapes and hair textures.

If you choose the proper variety, the tapered cut can be quite appealing on straight strands of hair; however, this only applies if you have straight hair. We advise going for a taper that is somewhere in the middle of medium and short lengths as this will help your hair appear thicker and fuller.

4. Buzz Cut

best hairstyles for straight hair men

If your hair is straight and you’ve noticed that it’s starting to thin, you should probably just accept the fact that you have less of it and make the most of what you have. Jason Statham demonstrates to us that a buzzcut can look absolutely masculine and badass, particularly when accompanied with some gorgeous stubble, like he did in one of his movies. A barber is not required because they require very little upkeep and are simple enough for you to perform on your own. You only need to give your buzz another try about once every two weeks, and you’ll be set to go.

5. Slick Back Undercut

best hairstyles for straight hair men

What do you get when you combine the gritty undercut from Peaky Blinders with the polished slick back hair from Mad Men? You get the Peaky Blinders Undercut. The slick back undercut is the correct answer. This trendy men’s haircut strikes a nice mix between contemporary and traditional styling, making it a popular option. Because straight strands are able to be slicked back with relatively little effort, this is an excellent hairstyle for men who have straight hair.

6. Brushed Back Pompadour Fade

best hairstyles for straight hair men

Men with straight hair should look for hairstyles that have their own distinct shape, and the pompadour is currently at the top of the list of recommended options. In order to create contrast, the sides and back of the head are trimmed very short, but the top is left long enough to brush back.

To perfect this style, blow dry your hair using a round brush to achieve extra lift at the roots, and then use a small amount of pomade to slick the top back.

To complete the look, apply a small amount of hairspray into the ends of your hair. The ideal type of hold is light hold because it enables your hair to move somewhat while yet maintaining its natural appearance by allowing a few pieces to fall forward.

7. Straight Comb Over Fade

best hairstyles for straight hair men

If you have short to medium straight hair and don’t want to spend a lot of time grooming it, the comb over fade is the right haircut for you. This effortless design creates some excellent visual contrast by keeping the top longer than the back and sides of the garment.

To complete the appearance each morning, you need do nothing more than separate your hair and brush each side across to the opposite side. The height of your comb over fade should be adjusted according to your personal tastes. You have a tonne of choices available to you here!

Choose to fade your hair down to a mid or low level, pick for a burst fade around your ears, maintain the faded areas longer without cutting them down to the skin, or go for a high skin drop fade that dips downward in the back (as seen in the image above).

8. Classic Side-Swept Crew Cut

best hairstyles for straight hair men

The back and sides of a traditional crew cut are much shorter than the top, which gives the cut its name. There are many different ways to style it, but our personal favourite is the side-swept, close-cropped appearance. This style works best with straight hair, and a few strategically placed layers can assist to provide a bit of texture in the ends.

Applying mousse to wet hair will give it additional grip and make it simpler to mould into different styles. From the temple area, brush the top so that it is draped to the side. To complete this look, brush the tips of the sides upward toward the face using a light, upward motion.

9. Lifted & Texturized 90 Degree Burst Fade

best hairstyles for straight hair men

An edgy style that is comparable to a faux hawk can be achieved by performing a burst fade and leaving the rear of the head uncut. To achieve this appearance, you should have your hair cut into a tapered shape and add loads of texture to it so that it doesn’t look too clean.

The shorter pieces cut in a right angle around and above the ears are referred to as the 90 degree burst fade. When your hair is still damp, apply a little amount of volumizing mousse and work it through your hair. To begin creating texture, start by dipping your fingers into your pomade and raking them through your hair in a zigzag motion.

When it is completely dried, you may then proceed to apply a small amount of wax to the tips and twist them to further emphasise the spiky texture. You are finished once you brush the back in a downward direction.

10. Side-Parted Top With High Fade

best hairstyles for straight hair men

The high fade haircut is versatile and can be styled with any length on top, but our favourite way to wear it is with a little bit of additional length for contrast. The fade starts high up around the temples and then gradually gets shorter as it moves down toward the neckline.

The longer part that is located on top reaches all the way to the temples and then returns to the crown. A simple hairstyle can be achieved by creating a deep side part in the long top and then combing it over to one side.

To complete the look, secure it by spraying or applying a small amount of pomade to your hair. We recommend using a product with a mild hold for this style since it enables a few bits of hair to fall forward in an attractive way to frame the face.

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