3 Amazing Beauty Uses for Avocado

The avocados are full of enriched nutrients, protein and vitamins which help in improving your health much better and fit. Also avocado fruit can be added in your daily beauty schedule in some most surprising ways. Most of us don’t know about avocado which provides better nourishment to your skin and because of this your face skin can become much fit.

Avocado fruit is also rich in the vitamin E which also assists in reducing your skin inflammations and repairing your barrier of skin. Here I would like to share some beneficial beauty tips which work best with avocado. These surprising beauty uses for avocado are as follows.

3 Surprising Beauty Uses for Avocado

1. Using as Face Mask

The fruit avocado is best for your face skin that will fight against pimples and acne. It is especially used when you mixe it along with other ingredients of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. For making face mask, anyone of you has to take half avocado along with 1 tsp of the honey and little quantity of yogurt. The yogurt will help fight against bacteria and combine all together to make a mixture. Apply this paste on your whole face for round 15 minutes and then wash it with help of tepid water.

Natural Beauty Uses for Avocados

2. Using for Damaged and Dry Hair

This fruit not only protect your face skin from dirt, germs and bacteria but also its daily usage can assist in nourishing your damaged hair skin as hair mask. Make a paste of avocado with water and apply on your hairs for 20 minutes and wash them with any good shampoo.

3. Using as Anti-aging Mask

Vitamin E which is found in the avocado fruit will work as an agent to control skin aging and wrinkles. Avocados will reduce your face damages which might be caused through pimples and acne.

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