5 Ingredients to Avoid If You Have Dry Skin

You might have something wrong in your skincare routine. Know it before you lose that glow again!

During winters, dry skin onset worries everyone. Many products promise to completely take away this dryness for once and all yet as soon as you wash hands it returns. The skin loses softness and glow due to lack of moisture. Some ingredients; however, can improve the moisture content of skin and make it look younger. But there are others that you might be using already which are making your skin look dull and dry.

5 ingredients to avoid if you have dry skin
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Six ways of improving the skin these winters:

Following are a list of ingredients which can help you avoid loose the necessary moisture to your skin and prevent it from looking dead and dry.

The following is a short introduction to every ingredient:

1. Retinoid

Is acne your greatest problem? Does it bar you from looking flawless? Have you used retinoid for it? If you are using it you need to hear the expert views on it.

Davis believes using retinoid which was famous for acne treatment and preventing aging signs actually aggravates the situation by making it drier and irritable.

Retinoid Avoid Dry Skin
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