5 Major Acne Breakout Causes and Treatment

We all are well aware with the causes of acne. All of us wash our face regularly but sometimes it happens that we do not wash our face when came back late from night parties. We even do not bother to remove make up when we are tired or exhausted.

You must be aware of the reasons behind breakout. Today I will share some of these reasons. All these things are related with your everyday routine.

Acne Breakout Treatment at Home

1. Non Magic Touch

Just think about those things which you have touched today such as doorknobs, keyboards, pen, or stair rails. Now think about how many times you have touched your face before washing or sanitizing your hands. In this way, you have transported all the bacteria and germs on your face. All you need to do is to keep small size sweet smelling sanitizer for hands all the time. Regularly use it.

Magic Touch for Acne Disease

2. Gab Fest

You might have touched several things before touching screen of Smartphone and you also stick that phone with your face. Just set up a noontime reminder for wiping down mobile screen with alcohol wipe. In this way, you can avoid all germs and your skin will be free from breakout.

Gab Fest - Acne Treatment

3. Sticky Situation

When you visit your salon for routine waxing or threading appointment, you get raw, red skin that could easily become group of zits. All this is due to the swelling and irritation of tissue and your pores are exposed. Laser hair removal can be a good solution. Post-hair removal regime by using a smooth antibacterial cleanser along with the finishing with a solution enriched with antiseptic properties like tea tree oil.

Sticky Situation - Routine Threading or Waxing

4. Shade Action

Big size sunglasses can also be the cause of breakouts on your cheeks, temples and nose. These sunglasses collect bacteria and sweat in such areas and shift them when next time you wear them. Wipe the shades of your sunglasses with alcohol wipe every night.

Shade Action - Acne Sneak Attack

5. The Bling

Jewelry has high content of nickel and it can react with salt. Your sweat contains salt. You tend to release more sweat in summer season on neck’s back. Both the nickel and salt react with each other and causes breakouts and rashes around the neck. Try to buy high quality metals and do not carry them for longer time period.

The Bling - Acne Causes and its Solution

All these solutions will help you avoid breakouts. Try them by your own and do not forget to share your experience with us.

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