6 Rules for Post-Workout Meals

Fitness has been on the top of the list of priorities for the people, maybe because we see a lot of lean people on the screens and in the streets. This can be considered a motivational factor or just a step towards a social trend it remains to be seen, but whatever it is has had a healthy effect on the population.

In most cases people don’t really know that when we exercise there is wear and tear in the muscles and it is essential to take care of it through healthy intake of food and drinks that would help with the recovery of muscles and add strength. In this article we would be discussing the golden rules that have to be followed in terms of food intake after a workout. The list is as follows:

Post Workout Rules

Eating within an hour of the Workout:

The post workout meal helps in building strength if our intake is healthy, the point of eating after a heavy workout is that during the process the body burns fats and uses up the nutrients in the body, the muscles have wear and tear and if you are not able to have a proper diet, you end up becoming weak and injury prone. The food rejuvenates the muscles, joints and the digestive system. The intake acts as a recovery and you can see the changes in your body in terms of strength and muscle mass if you are regularly taking healthy meals after a workout.

Considering various Diets other than Protein:

We see in general that the people after a workout or having a diet plan for the particular focus on the intake of proteins and avoid fats. It is true that the proteins are building blocks for the muscles but fat intake is just as essential for the muscles. Foods like sweet potato, beans and others full in starch are great for the body as they provide nutrients for the body which had been used up during the workout and also help with the metabolism.

Choosing the Right Meal:

You should choose healthy foods over processed foods because the body is in constant recovery after the workout and the new cells that develop are a reflection of what you have been eating, a healthy diet means healthy growth of cells and these help dealing with issues like premature ageing and prone to being ill. It is not necessary to have a post workout energy bar when eating healthy can be a far better option.

Keeping Hydrated:

If you are indulging in a strenuous workout you need to have sports drinks because they are filled with electrolytes and nutrients that help you keep hydrated and healthy. On the other hand if you are only going for shorter workouts and it is climate controlled then simple water is a better option. You need to keep your body hydrated because a lot of water and minerals such as sodium are lost during a proper workout.

Curbing Alcohol Intake:

It is completely okay to do anything in moderation but we must have in mind the negative effects of something like the consumption of alcohol has on the body right after the workout. Alcohol depletes muscle strength by up to 40 percent so when you go into the next workout you would feel tired and weary. Consumption in moderation is fine as long as you don’t make it a habit.

These were the golden rules for post workout cravings, aimed to make your life healthier.

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