9 Surprising Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a common ingredient found in the kitchen of the eastern countries. It helps make food flavor packed and is healthy as well. In this article we would be discussing the health benefits of cinnamon.

Anti-Oxidant Nature:

Cinnamon is packed of natural antioxidants, they are important for the body to fight against free radicals present in the body. It has high amount of polyphenols which are natural free radical busters. According to a scientific research cinnamon contains more of these components than other healthy foods such as garlic and oregano.

Cure for Inflammation:

Although inflammation is sometimes necessary to cure the body of infections and other scratches on the surfaced but when not controlled or supervised, inflammation can destroy the very cells that it was deemed to repair. For this purpose use of cinnamon is prescribed as a home-made remedy.

Improving Insulin sensitivity:

Cinnamon is helpful in transporting insulin to the blood sugar and is also known as a powerful anti-diabetic spice, which helps lower blood sugar of a person. Sometimes Insulin isn’t able to do its job because of people having a condition of insulin resistance, consumption of cinnamon helps with this condition and lets insulin do its job.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Fight Diabetes:

Cinnamon commonly known as a powerful Anti-diabetic spice as mentioned earlier helps control the level of blood sugar in the system of a person. It is not merely a speculation but a fact as several human trials have been conducted and most of them have been successful. It is noted that only a consumption of 5-6 grams or 1 tablespoon is enough in a day and it lowers the sugar levels to about 10-29 percent.

Reduction in heart disease:

Cinnamon consumption is good for the heart as it lowers the level of cholesterol that is bad for your health while increasing the level of good fats in the system, which help the system run properly. Scientific revelation is that 120mg of cinnamon a day can increase the good fats in the body and lower the cholesterol of the body, ultimately aiding the heart.

May help in battling HIV:

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus as it is commonly known dismantles the immune system of the human body, if left untreated it can cause AIDS. It is speculated that cinnamon consumption can fight against it but no human trials have yet been conducted.

Protection against Cancer:

Cancer is a common and fatal disease having many types. It is often characterized by the unusual growth of cells in the body. Cinnamon as previous studies have shown reduces the growth of cancerous cells in the body. It reacts with the cancer cells and causes them to die. The lab test has been conducted on mice to prove the theory but still further studies are in the progress that would evaluate whether cinnamon can completely cure cancer.

Protection against Infection:

Cinnamon has an ingredient known as cinnemaldehyde which is great to fighting off different kinds of infections such as bacterial or fungal. It is helpful to cure respiratory tract infections. It is also know to helpful to people suffering from tooth decay and bad breath.

Helpful for neurodegenerative diseases:

The consumption of cinnamon is helpful in degenerative diseases such as parkinsons disease and the consumption of it kills the source which is affecting the brain.

In short it can be said that consumption of cinnamon is essential for a healthy life. Many homemade recipes have cinnamon as an ingredient. Eat healthy live healthy.

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