Aamina Sheikh ready to work in Indian movies or dramas

Pakistan’s one of the prominent and talented actress and model Aamina Sheikh said that cities like Mumbai and Karachi are too much similar.

Aamina Sheikh told to the media: “I was in India in 2012 at Mumbai Film Festival where my latest film “Josh” was released, and I feel that I was in any other city of Pakistan, I realize that Karachi was exactly like Mumbai.”

Aamina says: “In the same way the old buildings in Mumbai and Karachi are same, just like the Karachi old city. The railway station of both countries are a very similar structure, and it seems that you are in our country.”

According to Aamina, she still did not get any offer to work in India because her work is now seen in India. Hopefully will get better response in near future, and definitely I will work in Bollywood films or Indian dramas if i got a chance.

Pakistani Actress Model Aamina Sheikh

She said, “As an actor, I believe that you should be a part of the global films today can be any story in which you may need artists abroad.”

According to the Pakistani actress, If you see other countries television programs, you will see artists from all corners of the world and I also want to work on a global scale.

India, a new television channel ‘Zindagi‘ broadcast nowadays some Pakistani drama serials, these drama serial is not only appreciated by audience, but there are mentions of them in concerts.

Some dramas are broadcast nowadays in Indian television channel “Zindagi” which are highly appreciated by the people of India, the dramas names are Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Noor Pur Ki Raani, Kaash Me Teri Beti Na Hoti. We hope the better future of Pakistani artists in Indian small screen or Bollywood movies.

Aamina Sheikh Biography

Born : Aamina Abdul Sheikh
Date of Birth : August 29, 1981
Place of Birth : New York City, USA
Residence : Karachi, Pakistan
Nationality : Pakistani American
Alma mater : Hampshire College
Occupation : Actress, supermodel
Years active : 2008–Present
Religion : Islam
Spouse(s) : Mohib Mirza (m.2005-present)

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