Actress Veena Malik marry with Asad Basheer Khan in Dubai

The gossip queen Veena Malik finally got married with Asad Basheer Khan. The news spread over the internet for last one day but today still people are considering this news is a fake or something rumours. But Today Veena Malik International Press Relations Manager Sohail Rasheed confirmed the news about wedding of Veena Malik with her boyfriend Asad Basheer Khan.

Veena Malik surprised to the nation to got married with Asad Basheer. Sher earlier said that she will marry in 2015 and the man will be Muslim. The news spread over the Internet that Veena will marry with ex-boyfriend Shaikh Umar Farukh Zahoor. After the strong relationship and then break-up with Ashmit Patel, she previously said that will will marry in 2015 with obviously Muslim man, he will be from Dubai and Saudi Arabia. But she surprised to the nation to get married with new boyfriend Asad Basheer Khan.

Let’s have a look on some Pictures of Veena Malik and Asad Bashir Khan:

According to the sources, Asad Basheer Khan is the Dubai based Businessmen and he is also working in America. The relation between Veena and Asad since last several months. Now they make their relationship strong and married on the Christmas day. According to the Geo News, Asad Basheer Khan is the son of Veena’s father’s friend.

Veena Malik International Press Relations Manager Sohail Rasheed said:

He confirms the news about Veena Malik and Asad Basheer marriage. The Nikkah ceremony of Veena and Asad were celebrated at Dubai. Veena’s mother is unwell, so the wedding ceremony simply celebrated. The couple rushed the wedding in Dubai.

Asad Basheer Khan said their parents wanted them to get married as soon as possible. He added that wedding related ceremonies would be held in Dubai, US and Pakistan. But still we are not confirmed about the exact location and date of celebration. We have done Nikkah ceremony in Dubai at my home place and now we are enjoying married life in Dubai.

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