Ali Zafar starts direction after singing and acting

Pakistan’s leading singer and actor Ali Zafar wishes to play a long innings in the field of entertainment industry. He express his desires to make his first movie as a director.

Ali Zafar wants to make a film for which he has begin the paper work. He recently has been directed two television commercials as a director, and have done previously one video song as a director. Ali Zafar is the multi-talented star, he knows painting, singing, modeling, music composer and now as a director.

Pakistani Singer, Actor Ali Zafar

The TV commercial shoot Ali Zafar as a director has also directed the video is a song. In this regard, when he was approached Ali Zafar ‘Express’,’ The Art of Painting, singing, modeling, music composer auradakary after working in the fields in the direction one wants to keep. When I was seven, Direct TV commercial video of a song that has directed it.

Ali Zafar said, “I believe that as an artist you are always working with a very wide skill set. I moved from painting to singing and then to acting. Everything you think you can do, or have the potential to take on, one should definitely venture into that field to experience it.”

This experience was very unique and i’m very excited to start it. So now he wants to make a film in which the story of the Pakistani director, started work on music. Yourself as a director, he produced his first film as a director, he hopes his first film will play a key role in the revival of the Pakistan film industry.

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