Arabic Makeup Tutorial 2016 – 10 Best Arabian Eye Makeup Looks

Arabian makeup has sharp look but now a days it is very inn. In this makeup bright and sharp colors are used mostly. Arabian girls wear hijab and they apply prominent make up on eyes. In other words in their make up their main concentration is eyes make up. It is tricky make up that consists of two colors on eye lid and their mergence. Above eye lid bold colors like red, mergenda, dark blue, green, yellow etc are used but the main thing is blending on which whole make up is based. Eye liner and mascara is also very important in Arabian makeup. Eye liner is especially applied outer side to make the eyes bigger and prominent. Now I am going to discuss Arabian eye makeup looks step by step.

Arabic Eye Makeup Pictures 2016

How to get Arabic Makeup Looks

1. Firstly cover dark circles under your eyes because if you done proper eye make up but you fail to cover dark circles then it will give awkward look. So select a good quality foundation or concealer according to your skin tone. Not only cover dark circles but also apply foundation on eyes before applying makeup on eyes.

2. Now apply an eye liner and make a corner from the outer side to make the eyes bigger. Apply liner from the corner and upper side of eyes and take care that shades did not out from this line. Make the liner thicker and dark.

3. Now select dark shade matching from your dress and apply on eye lid. Dark shade may be golden, dark blue, green, yellow, dark pink or any other in your dress. Use a good brush for it and apply shades in equal quantity on both eye lids. The best way is to apply shade on one eye lid and then other.

4. Now select another dark color and apply above the liner and corner of eyes in the outer side. Take care that on both eyes equal shades are applied.

5. Merge these two dark colors in this way that no line become prominent between these two colors. For this purpose brush even finger can be used. Actually blending with finger can be done easily and smoothly.

6. Then select a natural color usually in brownish tone for making eye lid line prominent. Also merge it with two dark shades on eye lid especially with the shade on the outer side of eyes.

7. After applying shades on eye lid apply highlighter and select a highlighter that is helpful in making your eyes open and bigger. Usually silver and light beige colors are used as highlighter.

8. Now apply mascara for long eye lashes but if you have small lashes then you can go for artificial lashes available in the market easily.

Arabic Makeup Tutorial Step by Step Pics

Arabian Eye Makeup Tutorial 2016 Pics

Beautiful Arabic Makeup Tutorial 2016

New Arabic Makeup Looks 2016

Beautiful Arabic Eye Makeup Tips 2016

Arabic Eye Makeup Pictures 2016

New Arabic Makeup Looks 2016

Your Arabian make up look is ready and you can do this easily at home with a little bit practice. If you follow above points step by step then you will be expert in Arabian make up look with little effort.

Arabian Makeup Style 2016 Pictures

Arabian Makeup Style 2016 Pictures

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