Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate No Longer Look Like Identical Twins

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, two identical twin designer sisters, are that kind of twins about whom most people are so obsessed with, because of their same face cuts and the styles they adopt are always similar and it is quite difficult for people to recognize who is who. This duo doesn’t like to appear in news and they avoid camera appearances as well. This is very rear for them to appear in public and be happy about that.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen not Identical Twins

To your amazement it is revealed that this due is no longer look like identical. Last time they appear on met gala with dirty blond hair with low lights and both of them were looking exactly same but later on Ashley decides to change her hair shade with platinum blond and this make both of the sisters look slightly different and people loves this change because now they can guess who is Ashley and who is Kate.

MK and Ashley #mkastyle

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More from the Elizabeth and James event in LA #mkastyle

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