Asim Jofa Luxury Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2016 with Prices

The fashion industry of Pakistan is getting successful with every day passing. The number of fashion designers is increasing day by day. The Pakistani people are very talented and creative; they are getting attracted towards fashion designing.

One of the leading names among fashion designers of Pakistan is Asim Jofa. He is perfect, awesome, talented and fabulous designer. He started designing jewelry and then attracted towards fashion industry. He has always introduced something classy for the customers to give them sophisticated touch.

Asim Jofa Embroidered Chiffon Dresses 2016 Catalog

Recently, Asim Jofa has launched embroidered chiffon collection for the lovers. This collection is simply elegant and beautifully designed. These dresses can be worn casually as well as formally. These are best suitable for get to gather, eve parties, birthday parties, college functions etc. the designer has tried to give a sophisticated and elegant touch to the dresses and these dresses are highly comfortable.

Asim Jofa Luxury Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2016

This collection is the best New Year gift 2016 by Asim Jofa. The colors emphasized by the designer are red, black, peach, light pink, orange margenda, white, copper, skin as well as aqua and green. The designer has introduced new shades by blending the colors in technical way. These colors are best for winters as well as for upcoming spring season.

The embroideries are done in contrast colors and are highly elegant. Floral designs, leaves patterns and vines are focused by the designer. This collection is stitched in stylish way which will enhance the personality of the wearer. The designer, along with his team has used beads, fancy and stylish buttons for both shirts and capris. The shirts are stitched in different styles and designs, just like the lower ones. For lowers, straight trousers, capris, pajama and shalwar is introduced by Asim Jofa in this collection. This collection is worth buying and will make your personality different from others. Wear this collection and get share of elegancy. Check below here Asim Jofa new luxury embroidered chiffon dressesĀ 2016 with prices.

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  1. Asim jofa!
    Plz plz plzzzzzz don’t design such fabulous and awesome dresses. I simply can’t afford. Why don’t you think to design for middle class too? Does middle class has no right to wear some pretty thing? Don’t middle class have a heart? I just love your designs but simply and deeply hate your prices

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