10 Best Makeup / Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan 2023

Local cosmetics brands are not only gaining popularity daily but are also reshaping the sector in Pakistan. They have the biggest market demand and are becoming more and more well-liked. Locally produced cosmetics are not only more affordable but also better for the environment because they don’t need to travel across vast oceans. These companies are always working to improve the calibre and variety of their offerings. It won’t be long before these products start gaining attention on a global scale.

The popularity of branded beauty products among Pakistani women is on par with the growing trend of makeup in the western world. Branded cosmetics are far more expensive in Pakistan than they are in the developed world. The cost of international shipping, customs fees, and a spike in the dollar exchange rate are just a few of the many variables that have a significant impact on Pakistani makeup pricing. However, branded makeup products are widely accessible in practically every department shop and mall in your area now that Pakistani women are becoming more aware of their advantages.

From putting together a single outfit to creating a full wardrobe for a season, the options and selectivity are expanding, and these sites can help keep you informed. We can inform you that even if you live in Pakistan, you still have a lot to look up to because western fashion blogs are now leading the field. These fashion blogs created by Pakistani women will undoubtedly educate you how to perfect your sense of style and fashion, as well as how to purchase smartly when visiting Pakistan. Your Pakistani approach is essentially safe with them.

Best Cosmetics / Makeup Brands in Pakistan

Numerous companies in Pakistan import only high-quality cosmetics, which keeps the prices of many cosmetics brands low and makes them widely accessible. The last few years have seen the emergence of numerous Pakistani makeup businesses, which have gained enormous popularity and support from Pakistani women. Here are the Top 5 Cosmetic Brands in Pakistan that are generally known for their outstanding features and reasonable price tags. They are also readily available.

The following are our picks for the top 10 makeup companies in Pakistan:

  • Medora
  • Christine Cosmetics,
  •  Luscious Cosmetics,
  •  Bare + Epitome,
  •  Zhoosh Official,
  •  Alezem Beauty,
  •  Atiqa Odho,
  •  Masarrat Misbah,
  •  Serenical Beauty,
  • and Rivaj UK

1. Medora

One of the first cosmetics companies in Pakistan was Medora of London, or simply Medora. Through the use of high-quality products at highly competitive pricing, they have dominated the makeup market. Many of the brand’s trustees have grown to trust the company as a result of their long-term use of Medora cosmetics.

In terms of the variety and quality offered, bloggers frequently assert that Medora is on par with national and international brands. Medora products will enhance your appearance whether you want to go for a glam style, a party look, a wedding, or just a simple brunch look.

In Pakistan, Medora has a very extensive network of more than 200 distributors. Products from Medora can be found at any Pakistani cosmetics store. This is another factor that contributes to the brand’s popularity and accessibility in virtually every home. One of the least expensive makeup lines in Pakistan is called Medora.

2. Catherine Cosmetics

The most comprehensive brand is Christine Cosmetics. While most companies only have one top-selling item, Christine Cosmetics offers the full line. Each item is distinctive and the greatest seller. Because to their extensive distribution network, Christine cosmetics are simple to find in any store or online.

It is owned by Add More Cosmetics International, a company well known for its superior products and distinctive formulae. Christine cosmetics’ best feature isn’t even the high level of quality, but rather the incredibly low cost. In comparison to the costs of the majority of Pakistani cosmetic brands, it offers foundation sticks for 300–400 Pakistani rupees, which is a very low price. But according to some reviewers, the foundation oxidises quickly, meaning it loses its effectiveness faster than most matte foundations. For those with oily skin, it is not advised.

3. Luscious Cosmetics

An independent beauty company called Luscious Cosmetics was founded for makeup enthusiasts worldwide. The nicest thing about Luscious cosmetics is that all of their items are vegan and cruelty-free. We seldom ever come across national or local cosmetic companies that offer cruelty-free goods.

They have added new promotional specials that provide discounts of up to 30% off on all of their products. Additionally well-known is Luscious Cosmetics’ adorable packaging, which includes a kind greeting from the company. It was established in 2008 with the specific aim of addressing Pakistan’s dearth of ethical cosmetics companies. The company is well known for emphasising its commitment to environmental protection. It also receives certification from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that all of its products are cruelty-free.

Numerous bestsellers from Luscious Cosmetics have won awards. Their line of lipsticks is their best-known product. Numerous reviews state that it is highly pigmented, offers a wide range of colours, and is incredibly nourishing for your lips.

4. Bare + Epitome

The goods of the organic company Bare Epitome are made entirely from natural ingredients. One of the best-selling items they offer is their cream that fights the signs of ageing. Natural ingredients from fruits, leaves, marine minerals, and trees are used in Bare Epitome products. The company sells handmade goods with precisely weighed materials.

Two women who are ardent supporters of women’s rights and work hard to enhance your natural skin are the brand’s owners. They want to feel confident and young again. Additionally, Bare + Epitome carries a sizable selection of skincare items that are frequently used in conjunction with makeup routines. Without skincare, no amount of makeup can achieve healthy, radiant skin. In order to do that and help Pakistani women regain their inner confidence, the staff at Bare + Epitome is working hard.

5. An official Zhoosh

The lightweight, soft mink eyelashes from Zoosh official are quite well known. Additionally well recognised is Zoosh’s dramatic and intensely coloured makeup, which can be

for any occasion, including Sunday brunches, weddings, and celebrations. Zoosh always offers everything you need, including lipsticks, crème foundations, and eyebrow pencils/markers! A well-known and expanding brand that sells high-end cosmetics in Pakistan is Zoosh.

The official blog of Zoosh has just been created, and tutorials about how to utilise their products to get the greatest possible results in terms of beauty are posted there. The most well-known blog is a how-to for correctly applying fake eyelashes so they won’t fall out or bother your eyes. their fox

Lash extensions can be used up to 25 times! Products made by Zoosh Official are now all free, and they are neither synthetic nor made of human hair. Along with their mink lashes, they also sell lash adhesive.

6. Alezem Beauty

Although Alzeem Beauty is a relatively new brand in Pakistan’s cosmetics market, it has quickly become well-known. It is well recognised for its hue, which may be applied to the cheeks and lips. This all-natural tint lasts up to 6 hours and is beneficial for your skin. Some reviews claim that people have noticed a visible radiance and improvement in the health of their skin after using Lipshay (the brand name of Alezem Beauty tint).

Alezem Beauty offers fantastic discounts in addition to great quality! It is an extremely cost-effective brand, especially during sale times. They provide everything, including skincare and cosmetics. Alezem Beauty also sells foundations, setting sprays, concealers, and very soft brushes, among other well-known items. To blend in your makeup look and prevent your skin from too stretching, it’s crucial to use the proper brush.

Many bloggers and influencers vouch for Alezem Beauty as having the greatest rates for products with top-notch quality on the global market. The majority of customers also say that their products can serve two tasks, for example, concealer is frequently used as a contour stick.

7. Atiqa Odho

A former fashion and entertainment industry icon is the owner of Atiqa Odho. She knew that whatever the brand offered would be of high quality when she started her cosmetic line under her own name. Atiqa Odho’s items perfectly capture the essence of the fashion icon.

Given that its owner is well-known throughout the world, this cosmetics company has become an international sensation. The most incredible cosmetic bundles are offered by Atiqa Odho, where you can purchase all of your favourite products in a single package for a very affordable price. Atiqa Odho gives everything you might want in terms of glam, glitter, or neutral tones. Everyone can always find something they like, from clothing and accessories to jewellery, skincare, and beauty.

For COVID-19, Atiqa Odho has begun a brand-new collection of stylish masks. They are ideal for any formal event and feature beaded and embroidered motifs. Consequently, the the

The makeup selection is equally gorgeous. Atiqa Odho’s carries one of the eyeshadows with the maximum colour pigment. The things they sell are available in a wide range of colours.

According to Atiqa Odho, her company:

As a company, we think that every woman has the right to be beautiful, so we make high-end products that are also reasonably priced for everyone.

8. Masarrat Misbah

Who hasn’t heard of Pakistan’s incredible Masarrat Misbah, who has done so much for battered women? She works as a beautician, but at her core, she is a compassionate person. To boost women’s confidence by restoring their natural attractiveness, she founded numerous non-profit organisations in Pakistan. Masarrat Misbah owns multiple salons and supplies each of them with her line of high-end cosmetics because she is also a beautician.

Masarrat Misbah’s smooth foundation, which has a floral touch and doesn’t need any polishers or shiners, is their most well-known item. Brides who wish to sparkle on their wedding day should use this foundation. The foundation has a glittering appearance and feels virtually weightless on the skin due to its lightness and softness. Although Massarat Misbah products are a little pricey, their costs are comparable to those of other well-known Pakistani beauty brands.

This is Pakistan’s first batch of halal-certified cosmetics. Masarrat Misbah cosmetics, a pioneering purity-based Halal Certified beauty business, was founded with the goal of “Reinventing Beauty” and personal grooming. Eyeshadow, eyelashes, eyebrow pencils, highlighters, contour, blush, and setting powders are just a few of the many products available.

9.  The Serene Beauty

A recently established company called Serenical Beauty is gradually dominating the cosmetics sector. Nabiha Wasif, who founded the company while still a student, is the owner. They now only sell tints and highlighters, however even though they have a limited selection, the quality of what they do sell is excellent!

These cosmetics are not only of the best quality, but also feel incredibly light and natural on the skin, according to bloggers like Bisma Khan, Eman Zaffar, and Rimsha Khan. The best organic cosmetics from Serenical Beauty is made with all-natural materials and won’t age your skin, but will instead protect it. Additionally, it is a brand that is completely plastic-free and sells all of its cosmetics in that packaging.

If you swatch one of Serenical Beauty’s dazzling highlighters on your arm, you can see how intensely pigmented it is and how well it complements your skin tone.

regardless of the kind. Additionally, because it smoothens the appearance of the skin, the light power quality makes it a very appropriate option for persons with porous skin types.

10. Rivaj UK

Like Medora, Rivaj UK is among the most well-known brands in Pakistan. This brand may be found in every cosmetic store throughout Pakistan, regardless of where you are. It offers every conceivable cosmetic and skincare product. The charcoal mask from Rivaj UK’s newly launched line of facemasks has been drawing a lot of attention. It cleans deep-down debris from your pores and is made of pure charcoal. One of the most popular brands in Pakistan is RIvaj UK.

Even the most uncommon colours may frequently be found in the Rivaj UK makeup line, which offers a wide range of makeup options. Nail polishes come in a variety of colours, from shiny, vibrant hues to soft pastels. Additionally, they provide matte and shiner nail polish covers that can be used as a finishing coat over nail polish to add just a hint more class and beauty. Rivaj UK offers a high level of quality and diversity, but their best feature is actually their extremely reasonable costs. Due to how reasonably priced Rivaj UK’s products are, it often feels like there is a sale going on all year long in stores carrying their merchandise. The greatest and most affordable cosmetics is available from Rivaj UK. It is one of the top rivals in the cosmetics sector, and Rivaj makeup is frequently utilised in casual and bridal photoshoots for Pakistan’s top clothing brands.

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