Best ways to Massage your Partner

It is important to treat your partner in loving and caring ways. One of the best ways to give comfort to the partner is to give him/her massage by using oils, creams or other products. Massage is a process of relaxing your partner and helps in becoming calm down. A person can become tired by working all the day in office and want to be relaxed so massage is the best way to relaxing him/her. Females living in the homes can become tired too because of performing household chores all the day.

It is important to set best environment or setting for massaging the partner. Different products can be used to making the best environment or setting it. These products are candles, perfumed candles as well as roses, rose petals and other decorative items. It is important to select the best beauty product like oil, body creams, body butter etc for massage purpose.

How to Massage Your Partner

One can give surprise to the partner by decorating the room for massage. In order to give romantic touch, partner can help other in letting off their clothes or sandals or shoes etc. it is important to slowly undressing the clothes of other person and taking them to the spot where arrangements for massage has been done.

Body Massage to Your Partner

Massage should be started from the pressure points so that the tension can be released. The pressure points are considered to be neck, arms, back, spinal cord part, lower back as along with the shoulders. Massage can be started by admiring your partner, his or her beauty by keeping in mind those things which are liked by them. Then the time for using oils or other similar product comes. One should open the oil bottle and put it on hand palm and start massaging the partner.

Pour out a decent amount in your palm n smear it all over their body. Appropriate amount of oil should be used because if the body becomes too sticky then it can give a bad impression. The entire focus must be on the pressure points so that tension can be released easily.

It is important to use the finger tips for massaging because they have magic but nails should not be long but trimmed. Elbows can be used for massaging the upper back because it gives comfort. Massage should be started from upper back to the lower back because the stress can be released so. It is important to massage the entire body of partner including legs and wings etc.

It is important to use a romantic light or bulb like red etc so the effective environment can be created.

It is essential task to add pleasure in the massage process. This can be added by moving and rubbing the naked body on other’s body but in a gentle way. It is good to tease the partner by slowly moving towards their sexual organ. The legs, thighs, butts, feet and ankles should be given a pleasurable massage for making the partner more happy and contented. The feet toes and hand fingers should not be ignored and should be given pleasure too.

It should be kept in mind that massage should become uncomfortable one by ignoring the likes and dislikes of partner. Different body parts should be kissed lightly to warm up the partner and to keep the momentum high. The chest is important part to massage and should be kissed, massaged with palms and fingers to release stress.
The more gentle and lovely massage your partner, the more he/she will be satisfied and amused. So try it!

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