Best Women Eyeglasses Trends for Face Shape

When trying to find out the perfect design of sunglasses for summer, then keeping some things in your mind is much important. Unfortunately, finding the perfect women eyeglasses for yourself is a little tricky and seeing that which style or shape suits best to your face, because a single wrong choice can take down your whole personality.

Consider this guide that will not only make you look stylish but also shield your eyes from the blazing sun.

Women Eye Glasses Trend for Face Shape


Round Face Shape Eyeglasses

Round shapes have noticeably equal angles and curves from all sides. Celebrity stylist and renowned fashion blogger Amber Jawaid of A Wardrobe Affair agrees. “Since round faces have fuller cheeks, you should pick frames that elongate your face. I think horizontal, i.e. rectangular, square or rounded-square wayfarers can help do that.”

Round Face Shape Eye Glasses Trend


Eyeglasses Trends for Women


Square Face Shape Eyeglasses

Square faces are proportional in terms of length and width in which some common are wide foreheads, strong cheekbones a pronounced jaw line. Muhammad Usman says: “Round or cat-eye frames look great on people with square faces as they soften out the edges.”

Square Face Shape Eye Glasses Trend


Heart Face Shape Eyeglasses

These type of faces are often wide at the temples and narrow at the chin. These faces typically included high cheekbones and a converging jaw line paired with large forehead, often described as “triangular”. Muhammad Usman says: “The heart-shaped faces look excellent when highlighted by frames with soft round edges. The top of the face is much broader than the lower half. A sqaure or rectangular frame will only make the top seem larger.” Amber specifically advises the cat-eye frames as these “Help to balance the face overall and do not make it too sharp or too soft.”

Heart Shaped Face Eye Glasses Trend


Oval Face Shape Eyeglasses

Oval shape faces are lucky and unlucky indeed appear long and thin. According to Usman: “Oval-faced people can sport all and any style of sunglasses. Personally, I prefer bigger frames to add more prominence to the face.”

Oval Face Shape Eye Glasses Trend

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