Bigg Boss 7: Armaan Kohli arrested for assaulting fellows

Bollywood actor and India’s famous TV show ‘Bigg Boss 7’ co-actor Armaan Kohli arrested on Monday by Lonavla Police on charges of sexual harassment and assaulting fellows in the Bigg Boss house. He arrested on the complaint of famous actress Sofia Hayat.

Armaan Kohli only a part of Bigg Boss 7 has been arrested on the complaint of the mystic life. British based singer and actress Sofia Hayat filed a complaint against Armaan Kohli for supposedly assaulting her throughout their stay at TV show Bigg Boss 7.

Actor Armaan Kohli Arrested on Bigg Boss House

According to the BBC correspondent Paul Gupta; Armaan Kohli arrested by Lonavla Police for questioning about the matter on Monday night at ten in the Big Boss house.

Reality TV show Bigg Boss 7 to recent come out British actress Sofia Hayat, competitors of Big Boss 7 beat Arman Kohli accused of insolence and Mumbai’s Santa Clause Police Station had lodged a complaint.

The show was repeated several times where Armaan & Sofia had used offensive words openly against each other.

Talking to the BBC, Sofia said, “During the show when I was cleaning the car so viper Armaan tried to snatch it from me and started grabbing me hurt. Shows they are very aggressive were. The entire scenes were removed from TV show. He was more aggressive and attacked than appears in the show. In the show they were very aggressive; were on TV the entire scene were removed.”

Sufi also said: Armaan not only aggressive with them but also with the other female competitors often misbehave.

‘Big Boss’ on the show before, many charged. Past year show by competitors was accused of using offensive language after the show for a few days at a time removed from prime-time 10 was at. When the show’s organizers assured that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will not happen in the show, then brought it back to prime-time.

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