Blazer with Shalwar Kameez

Men in Pakistan: Refresh Your Look With Blazers and Waistcoat The ideal addition to any man’s wardrobe is a blazer and waistcoat. These are competent clothes that can play many parts in your looks and personality thanks to their masterful blending of formal and casual appeal. In essence, we cannot wear a waistcoat without a full suit set, a kurta pyjama, or a shalwar kameez. The greatest clothing option for guys in Pakistan to create various styles is a blazer and waistcoat.

Each season brings a new change in the clothing trends for men. But one such item in ethnic menswear is the classy men’s waistcoat, also known as the Sherwani. That is a crown in the world of fashion. Because a blazer and waistcoat are an expensive men’s style outfit, they have historically been the most popular.

Prepare for every occasion

Although both of these coats have been used as formal attire, it is challenging to classify their style for particular occasions and age groups. They can therefore match many types of appearances and events because they have entirely altered with the times.

1. Formal Events

A bandhgala waistcoat is a great option for formal gatherings and family weddings. The greatest and most versatile outfit to wear with a kurta, pyjama, or shalwar is a sleeveless vest.

If you handle things with style, everything will be ideal. Dress in formal attire by wearing the jacket or blazer with a dress shirt, jeans, and dress shoes like oxfords or brogues.

2. Informal Situations

The casual events that fill our weekends are ideal occasions for sleeveless jackets. It can look good to wear a blazer made of a light fabric with shirts or even a formal t-shirt. Additionally, you can put on them with jeans for pants. To create a winning look, choose a different shirt colour and match your denim with chic shoes. For a distinctive style and to be the centre of attention at any event, pair a kurta with black slacks and a waistcoat.

3. Ethnic Events

Any ethnic occasion where you move adds substance with a jammawar shine waistcoat. However, we advise against wearing a sleeveless jacket if you’re donning a kurta pyjama. Over a kurta pyjama or dhoti shalwar, wear a blazer. After that, you are prepared to attend any ethnic event. Choose for items like Khaadi or Shahzeb Saeed to confirm that the waistcoat is the top style for guys in Pakistan. Thus, it achieves harmony between the beauty of the personality and the dress.

Simple Styling Tips

Here are some modest and straightforward fashion advice and outfit selection tips.
Your waistcoat, blazer, and jacket fabric may be impacted by the local climate. Fabrics including tussar, linen, cotton, polyester, wool, and silk are also options. With its golden sheen, velvet can also be a stunning choice and is ideal for a party so that you can shine.

Coloring Schemes

The type of occasion is the single factor that determines the appropriate colour. Indicators of formality in clothing are most often colours. Utilizing contrast is a superior strategy for choosing the perfect colour combination. Your jacket will be the focal point of your ensemble and the finishing touch to your overall appearance.

Blazers and waistcoats are functional clothing items. You can wear them to a fantastic neighbourhood dinner party or for lunch with pals. Simply make sure that the jacket you buy fits you well and has a design that matches your personality. As always, our stylists are glad to assist you in choosing an appealing look.

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