Bollywood Memorable Dialogues

Bollywood cinema industry has been celebrating its 100th birthday few days before. This journey starts from first Indian movie Raja Harischandra, it was a Marathi silent film that was released in the 1913. Indian films are presented on the occasion a memorable conversation throughout its 100 years.

Here we are going to share with you some of the best movies dialogue from famous Indian movies.

Bollywood Film Industry 100 Years Celebration

Bread (1941)

A hungry man begging on the street, but it does not help.
Hero: “If I do not ask for bread to take away …. take the hit.”

Alexander (1942)

Where Porus’s army is defeated by Alexander.
Sikander (Prithviraj Kapoor) – You be dealt with?
Porus (Sohrab Modi) – which deals with one king to another king.

Dowry (1949)

Greedy in-laws demanded dowry from heroin while
Father (Prithviraj Kapoor) only daughter I’ve got stuff. Paper and see if everything got mixed up.
Betty: You forgot to bring one thing.
Dad: What
Betty Shroud
(And he dies not stop the greedy demands of her in-laws because they had poison)

Wandering (1951)

1. Heroes is on trial.
Hero: Your Honor, I am not guilty from birth. My mother wanted me to become a lawyer to read and write, become a judge but a dirty nullah passes through our neighborhood crime in which worms are running. My thoughts aside, give me punishment but may save these innocent children (children are sitting in the upper gallery)
2. Wandering Kapoor is the hero. Patrons actress gave him money to go away from his life, says the actress. In the film, viewers know that the father – son.

Hero: I find myself lying, vile and mean I knew you were my father.
3. His childhood hero, sick and appetite has been caught for stealing bread for his mother. Bread has been a hero in prison.
Raj Kapoor: The lost leader gets out of bread so I repeated inside (prison) is why.
(That hit by Manmohan Desai, Rajesh Khanna bread with the film)

We the People (1952)

Lives of the poor and the little oil burning.
Balraj Sahni’s Companion: The oil is low given how long they will last.
Balraj Sahni: When the oil runs out, then it will be morning.

Do Bigha Zameen (1953)

Mahajan wants to buy a farmer’s land.
Balraj Sahni: The land of the farmer, the Holy Mother. His mother sells well.

Stay awake (1956)

Getting a simple village man is thirsty, water is in a building at midnight. I chased the thief is.
The hero in the film is silent. Finally, he climbed on a water tank that speaks a dialogue.
Raj: The straight man in the village to find work in your city, and you taught me that if you can come down on the other’s chest.

Devdas (1956)

1. The riverside Devdas and Paro are getting. Paro is poor, but it has a lot of self-respect.
Dilip Kumar (Devdas): so much pride (vanity) … You know that scar on the face of the moon. I make scars on your forehead (he shoots)
2. Dilip Kumar: Who drinks to suffer less fortunate. I just took a breath drink.
3. Chosen Babu (pearl): a little to be happy is to deceive yourself.

New Age (1957)

Tang, a town on the road to make new bus before arriving. Rich people want to stop him.
Dilip Kumar: It is not the rich and the poor clerk. It is machine and hand brawl.

Mughal-e-Azam (1960)

1. Madhubala with white painted trim is set up. King Akbar’s son Salim come with weeping statues church ceremony and arrows to be shot. Stone sculpture may seem. Mr. arrow moves the blinds and turns. Anarkali Zillur all that surprised by the beauty of the statue greeting is divine.
Akbar: I could take you swim, why do not you fear.
Anarkali: Zillur wanted to see change in the Divine fiction into reality.
2. Akbar (Prithviraj Kapoor): a slave can not become queen of India, India is not your heart.

Salim (Dilip Kumar): My heart is not India out your order.
3. Anarkali is in jail, Salim large
Akbar: Salim and Anarkali, we will not live with you, you will not die.
4. Salim and Anarkali, Akbar’s arrival in isolation and shows. The fear is Anarkali Madhubala. Salim Kumar says that it:
Love is not love which scared, luxury, and sin.

The Ganges flows in Bangladesh (1961)

A baby bird is injured. Raju serves Birds. Bird asks the boy to come.
Raju: you can not kill it, then you do not have a right to know.

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