How to care nose piercing to get rid of infections

Every woman in this world love to be jeweled but many of the males are also adopting the trend of wearing jewelry. The main body parts for wearing jewelry are considered to be arms, hands, ears, neck, eye brows as well as nose. The trend of nose piercing is increasing and even males are getting their nose pierced. This trend and fashion was observed in Asia, Africa as well as in Pacific regions but is increasing in western areas too. Basic nose piercing is considered to be a traditional fashion but is prevailing and adopted by people. In this type, nose is pierced from one side of nostrils.

Nose can be pierced from different parts. Some of the main parts include:


Nostrils are considered to be the most popular part of nose for piercing. Nose can be pierced from any side i.e. from right or from left. There is no myth or meaning related with the nose sides but most common side is considered to be the left one. People love to wear a nose pin or nose ring in any side. It is not recommended to use heavy jewelry in the nose because certain problems can happen.

Nostrils Nose Piercing for Girls


Such type of piercing should be done very carefully. This is done between the nose chambers in the cartilage wall. This is very different type of nose piercing style and also famous as bull ring. This is considered to be a sensitive kind of nose piercing. This can cause swelling or injury inside the nose. This type of nose piercing is invisible if no jewelry is used. Very few people prefer this type of nose piercing.

Septum Nose Piercing Designs


This is very unique kind of nose piercing and is also famous as “Earl” piercing. a kind of bridge is made inside the nose surface in such kind of piercing. Such type of piercing doesn’t get healed very quickly but takes too much time. You need patience for such kind of piercing.

Bridge Nose Piercing Jewelry Studs

Various kinds of Nose Jewelry

As there are different types of nose piercing so there are also various kinds of nose jewelry which can be worn by person as per suitability. Some of them are specifically designed but others are very common in different regions of world. These are:

1.   Nose rings:

Nose ring is considered to be the jewelry item which is very popular in different corners of world. This is used by people at initial stages of piercing because these are helpful in healing process. Nose rings are most of the time round in shape and may vary in size. These are close to the nostrils.

Celebs Nose Rings Piercing

2.   Nose pins:

This is considered to be the smallest jewelry item. This has a lock inside the nostril but has body at the outer side. Pins may contain a decorative item like bead, pearl or stone in it. Nose bones are also famous now days but many users complaint that these are very painful and difficult to change or wear.

Nose Pins Piercing Jewelry Studs

3.   U-Bend:

Such kind of jewelry item can only be worn by people who prefer septum nose piercings. This jewelry item is in a U form, worn in the nostrils and has 2 ends at the outside of nose. This comes in the form of semi circles or round in shapes.

Ubend Nose Piercing Studs

If you are interested in nose piercing then you should not selected piercing machines because they can cause infections. It is not a good thing to change the nose jewelry again and again. You need to avoid swimming or hot baths until the healing period is not over.

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