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5 Ingredients to Avoid If You Have Dry Skin

Alcohol Avoid Dry Skin

You might have something wrong in your skincare routine. Know it before you lose that glow again! During winters, dry skin onset worries everyone. Many products promise to completely take away this dryness for once and all yet as soon as you wash hands it returns. The skin loses softness and glow due to lack of moisture. Some ingredients; however, …

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How lack of sleep kills your beauty buzz

Lack of sleep side effects

All human beings know very well that sleep is very important for them. Those who are not sleeping properly at night have to face so many problems which are related to their health and beauty buzz. Ladies especially young girls are very conscious about their beauty and health. Lack of sleep is the problem of every third individual whether a …

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How to Get Rid of Dandruff: 6 Natural Remedies for Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff Causes and Natural Treatment

Dandruff is one most common scalp disorder which is affecting a massive number of people all over the world of all ages. Sometimes, it have a number of causes which include itching. It consider to be more serve in winter seasons, it is also observe that the dandruff is on peak at most teens ages and then it disappear with …

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Arabic Makeup Tutorial 2016 – 10 Best Arabian Eye Makeup Looks

Arabic Eye Makeup Pictures 2016

Arabian makeup has sharp look but now a days it is very inn. In this makeup bright and sharp colors are used mostly. Arabian girls wear hijab and they apply prominent make up on eyes. In other words in their make up their main concentration is eyes make up. It is tricky make up that consists of two colors on …

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5 Major Acne Breakout Causes and Treatment

Acne Breakout Treatment at Home

We all are well aware with the causes of acne. All of us wash our face regularly but sometimes it happens that we do not wash our face when came back late from night parties. We even do not bother to remove make up when we are tired or exhausted. You must be aware of the reasons behind breakout. Today …

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7 Herbal Teas You Should Drink to Improve Your Skin

Best Teas for Skin Health

All of you might have thought to get flawless skin but how many of you are succeeded? Dull, oily or dry skin makes you feel bad in front of other that’s why it is necessary to get rid of it. Everyone deserves to look beautiful and to own a pretty skin. In order to get a better skin, some efforts …

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How to Get Kylie Lips? – Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Kylie Jenner Lips Tutorial

Kylie Jenner’s lips are getting famous in current fashion world. This looks has transformed her lips in terms of shape and size. She has also used bold new colors which are rarely used by females. Therefore, this summer try any of these bold shades for adding some liveliness to any common look. Have a look at these stunning looks if …

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4 Easy Beauty Hacks to Fake Big Eyes with Makeup

How to fake big eyes

There are some simple and easy tips and tricks with which anyone can make their eyes appear big. It’s a good news for all those ladies who are all time worried after looking at their picture in which their eyes appear so small and squinting. Nothing to worry about it as in this article I am sharing with you some …

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8 Best Ways to Avoid Signs of Ageing

How to Stop Ageing Skin Signs Naturally

There are countless signs of ageing which comes in life of every human being whether male or female. Both become worried about these ageing signs and want a quick solution for getting free from these signs. At the age of 30 and above, you don’t feel relaxed when sitting with young generation and desires to become younger and fresh same …

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DIY Best Homemade Fruit Face Masks for Glowing Skin

Easy Fruit Facial Masks Recipes at Home

Fresh fruit masks or packs are best for glowing your skin especially in summer’s hot days. These fruit masks will definitely provide an effective glow for your face skin. We all know that fruits are vital for your skin whether you eat them or through making facial masks or packs. Ladies will face many skin problems mostly in summer season because …

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