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3 Amazing Beauty Uses for Avocado

Natural Beauty Uses for Avocados

The avocados are full of enriched nutrients, protein and vitamins which help in improving your health much better and fit. Also avocado fruit can be added in your daily beauty schedule in some most surprising ways. Most of us don’t know about avocado which provides better nourishment to your skin and because of this your face skin can become much …

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How to Buy Precious Emerald Gemstone Jewellery?

How to buy Colored Emerald Gemstone Jewelry

Emerald is one of the most renowned stones and one of the most sought after and knowing an authentic emerald takes a lot of time and experience. This article would provide a platform for you to have guidelines as to how to authenticate an emerald and its treatment once you have obtained it. The thing for starters is that what …

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Tattoo Ideas 2015 – New Designs for Men & Women

New Tattoo Designs 2015-2016 Ideas

Tattoo Designs are something that is advisable to be thought about very seriously. Do not make this seriously important decision a regret sticking over your body embarrassing you for the rest of your life. Your chosen Tattoo Designs are permanently inked into the depths of your skin and they need to be type of tattoo ideas that you surely will be …

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How to Plump Sexy Lips using Shot Glass at Home

How to Plump Lips with Makeup

It is the dream of every girl to get the sexy lips. Girls and women use wide variety of techniques for pluming their lips. Nowadays girls don’t want to have thin lips but they want the plum ones. Lips play an important role in making the girls attractive, sexy and beautiful. Some of the actresses in film industry are very …

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Best Foundations for Oily Skin Type – Top 6 Brands

Best Foundation for Oily Skin Type

It can be very difficult to find best foundation for an oily skin. Past experience has shown that disguising the oiliness of skin is not an easy task as the foundation does not stay long enough on that skin. Make up must be applied constantly on the areas where oil usually gathers such as chin, nose, forehead and philtrum. One …

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How to wear a Bikini for your body type?

Best Bikini For My Body Shape

Every girl and women need to wear the bikini in different period of their life. It has been observed in beaches and other places that girls wear the bikini which doesn’t really suit them. This is due to the fact that they don’t wear bikini according to their body shape. Commonly, there are four kinds of body shapes possessed by …

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Homemade Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands and Feet

Paraffin Wax Treatment at Home

Paraffin wax is considered to be highly useful in softening your feet and hands. It has lot of advantages and plus point. Paraffin wax is included in the soft wax because it contains paraffin oil which make the skin softer. Paraffin wax treatment is best suitable before manicure or pedicure. You can use this wax at home because it is …

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Top 8 Nail Polish Colors & Nails Art Trends for Girls

Trendy Nail Polish Colors

Today we’re presenting you the most popularly trending nail polish colours as well as beautiful arts. Having beautiful nail polish of your choice is definitely your decision. As we’re revealing some hidden and much needed facts about the nail polish, you’re surely going to learn so much after going through this article. Actually the nail polish is something every girl …

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6 Trendy Braid Hairstyles Technique for Girls

Braid Hairstyles for Girls

Hairs are considered to be the most important factor which increase the beauty of a person especially that of girls. Girls always seem busy in making different hair styles for adding glamour and charm to their look. There are hundreds of hair styles which can be chosen by girls. Braided hair gives an awesome look. Some of the people are …

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Effective Home Remedies and Tips to Control Hair Fall

Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall

Hair fall has become a major problem and is growing at very fast rate. Girls as well as boys are facing this problem. Even children are also facing this problem as many of them are seen with little or no hair. Alopecia and hair fall is quite embarrassing in front of others and you all the time tried to hide …

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