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Bridal Wedding Nail Art Designs New Ideas

Nail Art Latest Stylish Designs

Wedding is the most important day of everyone life, especially for females because she have to take care of many things like wedding dresses, mehndi designs, jewellery, high heel shoes, hairstyles, eye colors and nail art. Nail Art Designs getting popularity in the whole world day by day because of its unique styles, colors combination and attractive look. There are …

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Home Remedies for Perfect Straight Hair

Straight Hair Home Remedy

Taking good care of our hair is one of the most important facts of maintaining our beauty. For this purpose, we do a lot of effort like going out, searching for an appropriate designer or makeup artist or hairstylist so that you could get your desires fulfilled right according to your wishes. But whenever a situation comes up to you …

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Acne Scars Treatment at Home

Acne Easy Solution at Home

Everyone wishes of having smooth, clear and shiny skin without any apparent or internal disorders. Most of the time doing some efforts for making your skin better than ever before considered to be a tough goal to achieve however in reality, it has nothing to do with toughness. It can be done quite simply if you are serious enough in …

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Latest Mehndi Designs for Eid 2016

New Simple Mehndi Designs

Some important accessories like dresses, jewellery, shoes, makeup and mehndi designs are the essentials of every women style on the special day of Eid festival. These all have their own uniqueness and fashion statement whenever you apply these fashion accessories on the special occasions. Women around the world are crazy to apply unique and stylish mehndi designs pattern on their hands, …

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Henna Tattoo or Mehndi Designs 2015

New Mehndi Designs Tattoo Style

Mehndi Designs or Henna Tattoo are one of the best important compliments when you have to look attractive on parties like wedding occasions, traditional events like Eid, friends gathering and many more. The Mehndi Trends are emerging from Asian sub-continent, especially from Indian culture and tradition. Mehndi Designs pattern is becoming one of the major beauty essentials all over the …

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Hair Care Tips for Rough Hair, Dandruff & Hair Falling

Hair Care Tips for Perfect Hair

Riven Ends It’s really a noticeable problem when hair start falling and becoming riven ended, that’s so embarrassing as well as disgusting also. Although it is a very common issue among today’s people when hair problems are concerned. There are several treatments available for many hair fall issues but unfortunately, this is the only one which can’t be treated by …

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Khanna Jewellers Necklace Set, Earrings, Bracelets, Bangles

Khanna Jewellers Earrings, Necklace, Bracelets

Some things simply get better with time. One of them is the long-standing relationship, the jewellery brand share with their customers, nurtured over generations. The brand thank their dear patrons, for building this special bond which continues to inspire today. A dreamy necklace set which brings together the classic and the contemporary. Handcrafted polki with expensive pearls and created with …

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Make your own Blush Kit at Home

Make Your Own Blush

It is not easy to spend money in a decent blush; it may cause an enormous impression in our allotted budget plan. You should try to create your own version of blush some products that you have in your makeup materials. The subsequent procedures have been selected up from the beauty experts; you have to follow these simple steps to …

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How to Properly Apply Nail Polish

How to Apply Nail Color Perfectly

Applying colorful polish on your nails usually not a difficult task but it can creates hurdles and difficulties if you do not know the particular steps. Here we are going to share with our viewers; the best guide to apply nail color perfectly. Check out these expert tips to ensure that you get a top paint that lasts longer and …

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Tweezing & Shaping Eyebrows

Tweezing Eyebrows Tips

Your eyebrows need a little love too. Taking good care of our health, body, physique and fashion is very much necessary and we consider it one of the top priority responsibilities of our lives. Of all the makeups, here we shall be discussing about featuring our eyes and eyebrows. Because every part has its own significance, so in accordance it …

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