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Foot & Legs Mehndi Designs New Collection 2015

Latest Mehndi Designs for Feet, Legs

Mehndi, Henna and Tattoos Designs are getting popularity, fame and people attraction in the whole world now days because it looks beautiful and enhance the beauty of its user. In start, Mehndi Designs patterns are adopted by women in the Arab or Asian countries, but now it’s getting popular in the whole world and men also using the design of …

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Men, Women & Kids Footwear by Servis Shoes

Servis Shoes Women Summer Footwear 2014

Servis Shoes New Summer Footwear Arrivals are stylish, comfort and gives protection for those young feet need for daily summer activities to your children. A great addition to your kids’ summer wardrobe even the youngest ones need that ideal sandal. The collection is surrounding bright neon’s for a cooler summer look and completes your summer style statement. You can shop …

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Eye Makeup Tips for Different Eye Shapes

Makeup Tips for Different Eye Shapes

Whenever a woman or girl thinks of dressing up for going somewhere on party or wedding, the first thing comes in her mind is the make-up. And as far as make-up is concerned, eyes have the most prominent exposure which gives bulbous attraction to the viewer. It depends on the person who is actually doing the makeup that how it …

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Metro Shoes Fancy Wedding High Heels Collection

New Bridal Heel Shoes Collection 2014

Wedding occasion is the most important day for the girl. It is a dream of a girl that comes true. A bride wants to look the most prettiest girl. She does not only concentrate her dress, jewelry, make up, look even shoes also. Metro Shoes is not only offering shoes but also accessories, clutches, hand bags also. Along with the …

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Fruits and Vegetables for Health & Beauty

Beauty Secrets using Fruits & Vegetables

Several effective fruit packs provide freshness and novelty to your face. This sort of way out leads you to obtain comprehensive beauty status. Different fruits and vegetables can be use for making different types of several mixtures and assortments, as the vegetables are very beneficial and advantageous with respect to cooking as well as for beauty enhancement. The process of …

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Daily Makeup Routine: Quick & Easy

Daily Makeup Routine Step by Step Tutorial

Obviously, we all have an emerging desire to look gorgeous and glamorous in our daily life. For the sake of looking beautiful and different from our friends, we try different ways from which “makeup” is at the top of list. Actually almost every female uses makeup to get a different look but there are very few who truly understand the …

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Ways to Get Naturally Glowing Skin

Ways to Get Glowing & Beautiful Skin

Do you want your skin look beautiful? Obviously, everybody wants to look beautiful and charming. Now-a-days, looking beautiful has even more importance than maintaining your physical fitness. Here, we are suggesting you some ways you can try to keep your skin alive and beautiful. Water Water has always been a top list ingredient for preserving and curing our skin. Its …

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How to Save Money on Makeup or Beauty Products

How Save Money on Beauty Products

According to the latest research conducted some of the famous beauty experts, around forty eight million working women approximately spend every year seventeen billion dollar on makeup or beauty products in United States. Add in the cost of skin care products, and then we do not even know that we can count that high. We can simply say that we …

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Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs 2016

Indian Mehndi Design for Brides

Applying mehndi designs or henna tattoo designs is an art which is very prominent in especially Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Mehndi Designs consider most important part for women fashion in Asian sub-continent and no cultural ceremony is complete without applying mehndi designs. Some women likes mehndi designs on hands and some others wish to apply …

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Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs 2015

Arabic Mehndi Designs 2015

Arabic Mehndi Designs popularity increases day by day. But the Arabic versions of Mehndi Designs are getting high recognition nowadays. Arabic Mehndi Designs are not only famous in Arab Countries but it’s getting attractiveness in all over the world especially in sub-continent. These designs are different from other mehndi designs such as Pakistani Mehndi Designs, Indian Mehndi Designs or Asian …

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