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Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss

Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight via quick and easy way? If you only need to eat a healthy breakfast. World’s top nutrition experts say that breakfast is the most important every day diets of humans and should not be undervalue or miscalculate. But what are the contents of this healthy breakfast? Experts recommend eating a healthy breakfast include some …

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Blessings of Ramazan

Ramadan Blessings

Ramazan is that Holy month in which Muslims of the whole world fast. It is the month in which the Mercy and countless Blessings of Allah descend upon us. Fasting is prescribed for all muslims regardless of their financial, social or any other status. This, therefore, acts as an equalizer producing common feelings in people there by creating brotherhood and …

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Stress and Your Health

Stress Symptoms and Effects on Health

Stress, of course, is nothing new to humanity. From time immemorial all people – and to a degree all animals – have shared fundamental stresses, passed down over the centuries as part of the primordial heritage. When you feel threatened, even by such a minor sensation as stage fright, it is your cardiovascular system which most clearly responds, changing the …

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30% of the World Population suffering from Obesity

Obesity Treatment

According to the latest global research survey has revealed that around a third of the global population is obese, and no country gets success to reduce the rates of obesity from its people during the last three decades. London’s based news agency Associated Press reports clearly shows the statistics, more than two billion people worldwide are suffering from obesity. Medical …

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New York: Under 21 No Cigarettes

No Cigarettes in New York

U.S. state of New York has set the minimum age to buy cigarettes. Population of 18.9 million, the U.S. State Administration maximizes their citizens to encourage healthy lifestyles by launching its latest initiative on Sunday 18 May. Youth under the age of twenty years will not be sold cigarettes. At least 21 years of age to buy cigarettes to appoint …

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Breast Cancer Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Breast Cancer Risk in Women

Harmful chemical components like gasoline, diesel and smoke emitted from vehicles, reduce the flame to be used for chemical and stain resistant textiles etc. Used in everyday life to certain chemicals cause breast cancer or breast cancer. American researchers do clinical research on mice. The researchers said that the use of chemicals on humans can affect the same. Environment and …

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How to Weight Loss using Caffeine?

Caffeine Recipe for Weight Loss

Caffeine is basically a drug which is extracted from certain particular plants. It is a naturally occurring drug which has a bitter taste, crystalline shaped and white in colour. Few plants from which caffeine is extracted include Kola Nuts, Tea Bush, and Yaupon and above all, the Coffee Plant is supposed to be a major source of its acquisition. Caffeine …

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Education and Health: Issues of Indian Girls

Health & Education Indian Women Issues

Education and Health is the major problem which face of mostly Indian girls. United Nations Institute for Water, Environment and Health’s annual report said that girls reach puberty face major problem for the management of health and health-related issues are lacking. For girls in rural India wider lack of separate Taylor hinder their academic progress is being made. Adolescents days …

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Sexual Energy Booster Viagra Drinks are Dangerous

Sexual Power Drinks for Casual Sex

In Nigeria, the so-called ‘Viagra Drink’ use is growing day by day. The purpose of this experiment apparently is to increase sexual power; the medical experts think it can cause serious harm to health. The prices of Viagra Drink usually around two dollars (PKR. 200 Rupees). Nigerian shopkeeper says, the results of Viagra Drinks are very good and that is …

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Sushmita Sen fitness studio ‘Inhale or Aerial Silk’

Sushmita Sen Fitness Club 'Inhale'

Indian famous hot actress and model Sushmita Sen start a studio named “Inhale”. Definitely you are wondering about this news because Sushmita Sen was out of industry for a long time. She has been out of action since last several years and now she is back with its new studio ‘Inhale’. The motive behind ‘Inhale’ to encourage an exclusive latest …

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