The Crown: First Drama on the life of Britain’s Queen

The UK’s online movie website “Netflix” is developing the first British drama “The Crown” at a cost of ten million pounds.

This drama serial has been made, inspired by the life of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. According to the Net flux officials, the drama serial “The King” will contain 20 episodes.

In the 2006 film “The Queen” story-writer Peter Morgan wrote the script of the play with director Stephan Daldery.

British Queen Elizabeth Drama Series

Net flux from the famous American drama “House of Cards” is set to play through and began his service in the UK.
The Net Flux team has been allocated 50 million pounds for each installment of this drama serial.

Net flux European spokesman told to the media last month that our customers like to see what is more, he has focused his series are produced.

Sony Television will offer British drama “The King”, and the contract with the Net Flux is near completion. Other International television channels like BBC and ITV have also expressed their interests in broadcasting this drama serial.

It being understood that the drama script encounters with various Britain’s queen prime ministers and the changing political landscape will focus more on.

The main leading role has been performed Dame Helen, who has been achieved the best actress award in Laurence Olivier Awards in 2013.

Earlier Dame Helen film ‘The Queen’ has been won Oscar for best performance, Bafta Award, and Golden Globe Awards.

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