Deepika Padukone vs TOI cleavage video scandal ends?

Currently the situation is not seemed like that the conflict between Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and India’s largest newspaper ‘The Times of India’ ended.

The dispute started when The Times of India, Deepika not only learn about the letters of the breast, but the printed image. Newspaper got last year picture and tweeted, including a photo taken at an event that “OMG! Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show!”

Deepika responded angrily to the tweet: “YES!I am a Woman.I have breasts AND a cleavage! You got a problem!!??” and “Dont talk about Woman’s Empowerment when YOU don’t know how to RESPECT Women!”.

Re-Tweet this Tweet several thousand times and support designed for Deepika #IStandWithDeepikaPadukone which goes most popular in India as well as all over the world.

So newspaper have to removed their tweet then Deepika tweeted in response: “It was so appreciated, you looked so good that we made sure that everyone you know about the beauty.”

Deepika Padukone Scandals Pics

Obviously, many people were angry with Deepika this answer.

Deepika a long post written on his Facebook that “At a time when women equal rights struggle is still to get the attention of readers such tactics are adopted.”

Times of India, which was then, printed the article on social media and many people angry and extended essay ‘misbehavior like tweet to’ declared.

“I do not feel awkward to talk about their own bodies and to perform better in the movies, do not be shy to do so, but I just want to say that my respect movies out privately be made.”

Sex discrimination and prejudice:

The newspaper acknowledged that the headline could have been better. But they say that is very different from the online world, newspapers, quite often there are sensational overhead lines. Deepika newspaper censorship by promoting the release of her new film wants to get the maximum publicity.

The questions raised by the actresses photos taken in public events will have to create a separate censor board? And allow them to take photos which will be published and what is not?

Many journalists and social rights activists criticized the newspaper stand. Deepika tweeted that the granularity glut journalist who dressed like that, but we will have the right to such criticism?

He praised Deepika Newspaper coverage of gender-based, but he voiced the hope that the woman now Deepika sex symbol as’ offering will not work in advertising.

This is another example of the fact that the conflict in the relationship between the media and film stars two-edged sword.

Celebrities Tweet to support Deepika Padukone:

Saqib Saleem Tweet: Its a shame that this is what we do in the name of journalism.. More power to you @deepikapadukone.

Ilena D’Cruz Tweet: @deepikapadukone absolutely disgusting that this is what they choose to write about! Good on you for speaking up against this bullshit! Xxx.

Huma Qureshi Tweet: More power to @deepikapadukone 🙂 dats how u shut them upppp.

Arjun Kapoor Tweet: We have hit a new low today…forget complimenting a woman have the ability to respect a woman first…

Karan Johar Tweet: Appalled….shocked and disgusted at the level of disrespect shown..Deepika or any women in the world cannot and should not stand for this!!.

Ali Bhatt Tweet: Finding Fanny’s Deepika Padukone lashes out at India’s ‘leading’ newspaper for showing her cleavage video!.

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