Top Designer Abaya Collection 2016 – New Arabic Abaya Designs

Abaya is supposed to be one of the very precious subjects for a Muslim lady. Abaya is the thing upon which our religion has also emphasized very much as it covers the whole body which is very necessary for a Muslim woman or girl. Abaya is the only garment having such vast attributes of covering the entire body that there is nothing like this which could serve accordingly. In the early times, the Abaya styles was only used for the sake of covering the body and the appearance was not focused enough. But now-a-days, wearing Abaya is becoming a pretty prominent part of fashion as well. This is the reason that we see different types of Abayas available in the markets.

Top Brands Latest Abaya Designs 2016

Here some of the top Abaya designers are going to be elaborated, reading of which would really make you feel good.

Latest Abaya Designs 2016 in Arabic Style

Sweety Designer Abayas Collection

Sweety Abaya is considered to be one of the top leading brands of the world. It is basically a fashion house situated in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Sweety Abaya has made lot of progress during the last few months in this particular field. There are several sub-branches of Sweety Abaya present in Gulf region.

Dar Al-Hazar Abaya Collection

Likewise Sweety Abaya, Dar Al-Azhar is also an Arab Abaya fashion stock which is situated in Dubai having lot of wonderful Abaya collection for incoming customers. Dar Al-Hazar has occasional wearing Abayas as well.

EFFA Designer Abayas Collection

EFFA is also a top leading Abaya fashion hubs in the world. EFFA is basically situated in United Arab Emirates and has been named “EFFA” as the owner herself who is a Saudi National and currently settled in Dubai. She is actually BA (hons) Fashion Designing degree holder and making remarkable progress in Abaya fashion industry.

Dar Al-Malika Designer Abayas Collection

Dar Al-Malika is also a fashion pivot situated in UAE. It came into existence in 2005 and emerged in fashion market with flying colours. Dar Al-Malika designs both casual and occasional Abayas.

Velvet Abaya Designer Collection

This is one of the most popular Abaya designing fashion house positioned in Kuwait. This type of Abayas are very much popular among women and girls. These velvet abaya dresses are very decently designed. Some of them are:

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