Dilip Kumar and Madhubala Love Story

The new book is going to be released on 9 June on the life of Bollywood’s film industry kind and emperor emotion Dilip Kumar. People are talking about the love relationship between Dilip Kumar and Madhubala but few people are aware of the real facts.

Dilip Kumar, is an actor who spoke very little about his personal life. In addition to his film career, people know very little about them.

Dilip Kumar Book “The Substance and the Shadow” is about Dilip Kumar love and separation with Madhubala, in addition to many other secret things related to the possibility of the veil being lifted.

Dilip Kumar and Madhubala Love Story

This book writer Uday Tara Nayar has written this book on the advice and suggestions by Dilip Kumar and his wife Saira Banu. According to the reports, famous superstars Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan will participate on the launch of this book, well-known actor and superstar Amitabh Bachan duties of issue ceremony will be performed.

In this book, Dilip Kumar’s struggle since the days of his super stardom is history. The Dilip Kumar’s school days, childhood and his early days in Bombay Talkies are mentioned. Dilip Kumar’s fans will be interested in the book where the love with Dilip Kumar and Madhubala and the separation is not without interest.

According to Uday Tara, Dilip Kumar said: how they loved each other immensely and wanted to marry, but Madhubala’s father had these obstacles. Madhubala’s father actually wanted that Dilip and Madhubala work for their production house, while Dilip Kumar was the leading actor of his time not agrees with him.

Dilip Kumar did not want becomes the tool of Madhubala’s father. Madhubala tried to explain the matter to Dilip Kumar but he did not agree and thus the love turned away from each other.

Dilip and Madhubala pair were hits the big screen. But they did not work together after director Asif’s film “Mughal-e-Azam”. Uday Tara said: Dilip Kumar openly talking about Madhubala. Dilip Kumar, who was preparing for her role in those movies, also detailed highlights.

Also actor Dilip Kumar and Kamini Kaushal friendship is mentioned in this book. Dilip Kumar and Kamini Kaushal worked together in 1940’s several hit movies like Shaheed, Nadiya Ke Paar, Aarzoo, Shabnam.

In this book Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu’s first meeting and then marriage is also mentioned. In the first part of the book, since Dilip Kumar was born in Peshawar in 1998 released his last film ‘Qilla’ has been mentioned yet.

Uday Tara said, when Dilip Kumar describing about his mother and other brother Ayub Khan’s death, he could not control his emotions and tears in their eyes.

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