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The trend of hair dying is increasing day by day. There are hundreds of shades which can be selected by a person on the basis of their choice. Blonde hairs are in fashion now days but its shades are very limited. Some of the people are of the view that blonde hair color cannot only damage the hairs but totally destroy them. This can happen when you bleach your hairs. There are several methods by focusing on which you can make your hairs blonde without damaging them. Some of the people think that lemon has bleaching qualities, can be used to dye hairs after putting lemon juice on hairs and sitting in the sunlight. This is not a useful method of lightening your hairs. The basic methods which are highly useful in hair lightening are considered to be hair lift dye and hair bleach. If you are not interested in using bleach then you have to select the High lift dye option. In order to use this option, you have to fulfill specific criteria otherwise the whole process will go in vain. Hair lift cannot make the hairs blonde or very light but bleach can do so. But in case when you are not interested in using the bleach onto your hairs then you can chose high lift dyer but this will make your hair dark brown not blonde.

The hairs cannot turn out to be blonde with a lift dye when you have already applied some hair color onto them. This product is not suitable if you have dark hairs and want to make them blonde. The hair dyer doesn’t have an ability to change the artificial color present in the hair colors available in the market. If you want to make your hairs blonde then you need fresh hairs, with no chemicals or colors on them.

Lightening your Hair Blonde without Bleach

There is a chances to make you’re the hairs blonde if their natural color is light brown. Light brown hairs can be turned into blonde hairs without using bleach. If you have dark hair and have applied high lift dye then the result will be red or orange but not blonde. The required blonde shade is difficult to get if you have dark hairs.

How to dye hair blonde

There are different blonde shades which can be selected as per your choice. These are ash, pearl, gold, caramel, beige, natural, violet etc. you need to select the shade on the basis of your skin tone and face shape. It is recommended to go to the saloon for dying your hairs because the mixture has to be prepared with care. Every inches of hair from roots to bottom should be colored. It is also very important to take care of your hairs after dying them. When the wanted blonde color is attained then the hairs should be washed well with a good shampoo. The high lift dye is very helpful in lightening and toning the hairs as well. If you want to keep your hairs fresh and long lasting after dying them then you need to apply conditioner, protein shampoos as well as leave-in products continuously. Such kinds of products are considered to be highly useful for the hairs and keep them very smooth. You can keep the blonde hair untied or make different kinds of hair styles. Blonde hair can give you a stylish look and you look more graceful. Blonde hairs are preferred by people who love new fashion and these make them more stylish. Blonde hairs can give you a hot sexy look and you look more attractive.

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