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3 Easy Home Remedies to get Soft Hands

Did anyone know that skin of our hands is really handling the household, take care of children at home as well as other tasks everywhere in the home, that means you can wash your hands regularly, and this unavoidably leads to the skin of your hands that appearances older than your age. Now a day’s the detergents and other cleanser products we all are using make hands so rough, discolored and wrinkly. Fortunately, if it is like this then there is no need to take tension! We are here to tell you some simple tips that help to make your hands soft and you can make these products easily at home.

Citrus Hand Softener Remedy

Are you fed up from your darker and discolored hands that give you aged look? This homemade product will make softer your hands as ever before. Acquire soft palms though lightening them along with the citrus powder.


  • Two teaspoon of Baking Soda
  • Two teaspoon of honey
  • Use half lemon or two teaspoon of lemon juice


  1. Rinse your hands completely with the warm water as well as with mild soap.
  2. Take a small container and add all the ingredients in it and mix it carefully with spoon or stick.
  3. Then apply this combination of ingredients on both hands and then rub it smoothly and slightly massage on upper sides of both hands for at least one minute. Leave this mixture on the hands for 6 to 11 minutes.
  4. After that, wash the hands with warm water. Keep one thing in mind don’t use any kind of soap after this process. For best results, use this process two times a week.

Soft Hands Home Remedies

Soft Palms Scrub

It is possible that within one minute your hands become soften? Why not, it happen with this homemade scrub you can feel better result and your hands become softer and fresh.


  • One table spoon of sugar
  • One table spoon of olive oil


  1. Put some sugar on palm of your hand and gradually pour some olive oil in it. With the help of other hand’s palm you start rubbing this scrub from both hands and palms.
  2. You can massage your outer/inner part and fingers of both hands along with mild squeezing and spherical motions for at least thirty seconds.
  3. Relax your both palms for a while and sinks the scrub for one minute and then wash it with warm water.

Overnight Treatment: Socks & Vaseline

Anyone wants some special care and love especially for hands? Then try this homemade remedy which gives your hands some soften by using these two ingredients.


  • Duo of socks
  • Vaseline


  1. Everyone know that Vaseline is well known for its skill that locks in the soften and moisture that smoothens your uncaring palms. Mostly women prefer to use Vaseline and mention it as best ever cream for the secret of beauty.
  2. When finishing all the actions of the whole day, before going to bed first wash your hands with a good soft soap as well as dry it with soft water. Apply the Vaseline smoothly on your both hands.
  3. Do this massage gently on your hands for at least one minute. Then merely slip the socks on both hands before going to bed. On other day you feel that both your hands get soft. Use this process daily and it is best if you use this remedy in winter season.
  4. You can use the gloves which are made of fabric, instead of cotton socks, but be sure that these socks or gloves are clean and not in use.

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