Emma Watson talks Women Rights & Feminism

Hollywood most famous and beautiful actress Emma Watson speaking at the United Nations on the rights of women, she said that women feminism did not mean to hat men.

American Actress Emma Watson is the goodwill ambassador of United Nations women rights.

Emma Watson, the Harry Potter film series fame actress in her speech said that this is the first campaign of the United Nations and they will work for the equality between men and women. Women have equal rights as politically, economically, culturally, and social rights. United Nations have been started infinite campaign to the rights of women all over the world, to give respect of women in all societies.

Few days before some online hackers threatened to Hollywood actress Emma Watoson to release her nude pictures after exposing Jennifer Lawrence Leaked Photos.

Hollywood Actress Emma Watson

We are a great number of men and boys in the campaign that he would try to help us in this campaign. Emma Watson said that it would be best to make a difference and that difference comes from the drive.

She said during the conference, I have been working in the United Nations women rights campaign for last several years and now I am ambassador of this campaign. I usually talked about women rights, whenever I talked about it I learn more. Some people are considering tantamount it is against men but this is totally illogical. Talking about women rights did not means to against men. People should be finishing this thought.

I just want to tell the people, meaning of feminism that men and women have equal rights in all the societies.

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