Emran Hashmi is a Good Boy: Humaima Malick

Pakistani model and actress Humaima Malik loved to Indian actor Emraan Hashmi and are watching his every film.

In Mumbai, Humaima Malik participate in the promotional ceremony of her first Bollywood film ‘Raja Natwarlal’. She talking to the media and said that the film is a pleasure to work with them. Emraan Hashmi in the film, he has aided opponent. She was a big fan of Emraan Hashmi and with his friends a lot watching every movie has been wonderful experience working with them because they are very cheerful person and a film banner they kept very quiet during.

Humaima Malik talking to the media and said:

Before meeting Emraan, I had thought he would be like what he is in films. I thought he would be a besharam (shameless). But when I first met him, he ignored me completely and was busy in his work. I messaged my family saying in real life he is a nice guy.

I like him and all his films. I am a big fan of him. I watch every film of his with my friends there (Pakistan). I had great experience working with him. He made me comfortable and is a funny guy.

I have come here before and I love being here. I am happy I got to work in both the countries. I am glad this film came my way I had a lovely experience doing this film.

Humaima Malik said that in beginning she was understand that Emraan Hashmi is the bold personality in her real life would be the same but they are opposite in public life. When she meets for the first time with Emraan Hashmi, he completely ignored them and are happy with their work. After the first meeting changed her opinion and she told to her family related to Emraan, he is the best actor and a very nice person in real life.

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