Eye Makeup Tips for Different Eye Shapes

Whenever a woman or girl thinks of dressing up for going somewhere on party or wedding, the first thing comes in her mind is the make-up. And as far as make-up is concerned, eyes have the most prominent exposure which gives bulbous attraction to the viewer. It depends on the person who is actually doing the makeup that how it is done. If it is done with dedicated professionalism, then surely it would be popular among your folks. But if proper attention has not been given to it then obviously nobody would be willing to have a look at it. So, you need to be careful about it because it is the most exposed portion as I said…

Makeup Tips for Different Eye Shape

Types of Different Eyes Makeup

Basic Eyes Makeup

Basic eyes are actually considered to be those type of eyes which are deprived of any kind of lag in them and are naturally perfect with no portion of them over exposed and over produced. Here we are suggesting you to apply three different types of eye-shadows on such type of eyes and those are Light,  Medium & Midtone Colour.

Prominent Eyes Makeup

Prominent eyes are such type of eyes which are very much bulged out of the facial expressions. This thing usually is not so nice. It’s annoying. So, for minimizing this kind of annoying fact, you should use highlights along with eyelid shades. This would help reducing the concern.

Droopy Eyes Makeup

We see some eyes around us in our friends and family whose corners (out corners) are slightly bent downwards, those are known as droopy eyes. Puppy eyes is another name for such type of the eyes. For this kind of eyes, you need to do some makeup work over the corners. And with that, you should use highlight and midtone according to your suitability.

Hooded Eyes Makeup

The eyes having a puffed-up effect of their eyelids while appearing apparently full are known as hooded eyes. Using a shade of lighter colour under the eyebrow is usually suggested for this type of eyes.
Hope that you’ll give your eyes a new look by following these simple suggestion…

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