Eyelash extensions before and after

They remove the necessity of applying mascara on a regular basis, which means that when you wake up in the morning, the majority of your makeup will already be applied. My sense of confidence soared to new heights about seven in the morning, giving new meaning to the phrase “I woke up like this.” In this instance, the word “I woke up like this” has a rather literal meaning.

Naturally, there are perks associated with getting any kind of cosmetic surgery done, but there are also risks. To begin, if you want to get extensions done in a respectable salon, which you absolutely should do because playing with your eyelashes is an awful experience, it will cost you some money to do so. At the Envious Lashes location in New York City that I went to, the price of lash extensions may range anywhere from $150 to $500, and it all depends on the overall look that you want to achieve as well as the type of lashes that you choose.

Then there is the ongoing maintenance. You should give your eyelashes a little extra attention around once every two to three weeks. Because part of your eyelashes will have already begun to fall out by that point, the appearance of your eyelashes will begin to become uneven and, to be honest, a little bit strange. In addition, touch-ups are included; the cost of this service in my salon is somewhat more than $100.

Extensions have an effect on the beauty products you use on a daily basis as well. It is strictly prohibited to use any type of makeup that is watertight as well as any makeup removers or cleansers that contain oil. These factors have the potential to speed up the impact of the extensions’ extensions. In order to maintain the quality of your natural lashes and keep them in good health, your specialist will most likely suggest using a lash conditioner. In accordance with the included instructions, you should apply the conditioner once or twice every day.

It is inaccurate to say that they require little maintenance because of this, despite the fact that they will cut down on the amount of time you spend on your morning routine. Lash extensions require commitment, an expenditure of time and money, and time.

Sadly, I was not successful in accomplishing the latter. It was challenging to find time in my schedule to accommodate regular appointments. I was the one whose crooked eyelashes put me in a lot of awkward situations since I was the person who had them. Because I couldn’t commit to anything, I came to the realisation that the treatment was only beneficial to me just before important events.

Some Pictures of Eyelash Extensions Before and After

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