Facts about your Confidence Crushing

Check out some of our extra-ordinarily splendid tips about the aspects which are crushing and devastating the most precious asset of your personality – the confidence. No matter where you have been and for how much time, confidence crushing is the thing which is always necessary to be in your personality because it is a grand aspect of your nature. So, it’s very much necessary for you to possess considerable confidence inside yourself so that you won’t have to face any difficulty whenever it comes to exposing and exploring your skills will full self-reliance.

There are surely some people who don’t have much confidence and can’t even speak in front of very few people if ever they have to explain something to all of them. They have to face many difficulties in interacting with others just because of the lack of confidence in their personality. So in this critical situation, there is need to build some confidence so that they can interact with others with ease and peace. Here we are going to explore some of the factors which are usually responsible for destroying your confidence and boldness.

Thinking like “I’m not clever like others”

One of the man reasons which leads to the lack of confidence is the comparison of yourself with other persons. We think that “he may be better than me at several things but I’m nothing compared to him”; but actually the reality is totally opposite to this fact. The thing is that we can’t see the big picture when it comes to realizing and judging others on the basis of their apparent behaviour and attitude. We are always misguided and mislead by the negative and disappointing random thoughts wandering about in and outside of our mind. They are responsible for making us so much conscious about this type of comparison; however in reality here’s no relation between these particular evaluations. So, you need to get out of this illusion.

Confidence Crushing Facts

“I’m less preferred than my siblings”

Having this type of thought in your mind can also lead you towards getting yourself into some worst types of misunderstandings and confusions. Parents love their children equally and there’s not even a single hint of discrimination on any basis. So, you should not think negative about this type of preference. If you father or mother is preferring someone else from your siblings for a particular job to be done, then there is surely a reason behind this; he/she might not want to disturb you and you take it wrong in the sense that why my mom/dad is not asking me to do that. Don’t think like that; you’ve got to get out of this type of thinking or it would ruin your life. Always keep in mind that parents never hate their children and love them equally. Whenever they don’t ask you to do something for them, there is some wisdom in it, try to understand!

“My shyness is responsible”

Look! Your shyness can prove to be very handy for you at some occasions but not at every moment. You need to get yourself reformed as an environment friendly person. No matter how is the environment around, you should be able to adjust yourself in it. Anyways as far as being shy is concerned, it is purely not good for you. You need to interact with as many people as you can in order to get your shyness away. Try to hang out with friends and gatherings so that you could understand basic necessities of interacting with different people. Try to build self-confidence so that you can get rid of your shyness as early as possible.

“I won’t succeed ever”

This is the worst situation you’ve ever come across in your life. It’s totally heart breaking and can build mountains of disappointments in your life that your life would be totally meaningless and you’ll start feeling depressed. This type of thinking can also let you fall victim to complexity and anxiety. Building strong response and self-confidence is the best counter attack against this concept. So, you’ve got to be more careful about this one. Don’t ever let any thought emerge. It’s been wisely said:

“Try again & again till you succeed”

“No one notices me”

This is a very common problem which many of the people face. They have a feeling of not being noticed by anyone else even if someone notices them or not. All they do is just keep worrying about this, hence getting nothing at the end. This is totally a misconception about being noticed because no one is going to notice you as long as you are looking at them. If you want to be noticed, you need to do something unique so that you could get other’s attention. Never worry about if someone is worrying about you or not. Just try to keep your attention towards what you are doing. If you shall keep worrying about others, all you’ll have to face at the end is self-destruction; you’ll ruin yourself. So, get out of this, be your own and do something with courage and full dedication.

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