4 Easy Beauty Hacks to Fake Big Eyes with Makeup

There are some simple and easy tips and tricks with which anyone can make their eyes appear big. It’s a good news for all those ladies who are all time worried after looking at their picture in which their eyes appear so small and squinting. Nothing to worry about it as in this article I am sharing with you some simple and easy tips and tricks with which your problem will be solved and your eyes will appear big as well. Here are some tips and tricks which will really help you a lot.

How to fake big eyes

1. Use Ice

Before applying anything to your eyes, anyone of you has to take some ice in a cotton cloth and apply on your eyes for 20 minutes. This will help in reducing your eyes’ puffiness which appears when you lack adequate sleep. Also you can use wet tea bags for reducing your puffiness and pull out other toxins as well. This remedy will help in making your eyes appear bigger.

Apply white eyeliner to your waterline

2. Apply Concealer

Concealer will also help in making fake big eyes. Use concealer of any color which is lighter than your face skin along with pink undertone. This concealer will also help in correcting your blue undertone in dark circles plus makes your eyes’ area brighter. You can also use concealer on both of your lids for giving brightening to your eyes and they will look more beautiful plus appear big.

Prepare your eyes with concealer

3. Apply Eyeliner

After concealing your eyes, apply the white eyeliner to waterline. This thing would give your eyes a stylish anime wide eye look and if you apply black line on your eyes, then this will help in making your eyes narrower and broad. Your eyes will also appear smiling.

Wing eyeliner to make eyes look more open

4. Use Mascara

Use mascara on both eyes for giving them final touch. Your eyes will definitely steal anyone’s heart when you go to party or function.

Apply mascara for the finishing touch

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