Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker dies in car accident

Action film series Fast and Furious in the role of undercover agent Brian O’Conner his best performances of the famous Hollywood actor Paul Walker, is killed in a car accident.

Forty-year-old Paul Walker series’ Fast & Furious, he was popular due to its high-speed driving. Films in the series, five of six police played secret agent Brian O’Connor. Their Friends; I was riding a sports car crash victim red Porsche sports car was driving one of their friends.

Traffic signal vehicle collided with a tree after hit. Motor buried or destroyed after the accident was very large. They immediately recognized each other pedestrians, Paul Walker, a man out of a burning car also tried but did not succeed. Carriage which was being driven with high speed on the road, the speed limit of 45 miles per hour or 72 kilometers per hour. Engulfed in flames after car crash and Both riders died at the scene.

Paul Walker Death

Hollywood actor Paul Walker was killed in a car accident before the details of the initial police inquiry has begun. U.S. state of California Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for Administrative Affairs in the crash speed was the main reason. Las When authorities arrived at the crash site of Angeles red Porsche car was covered in flames. crash Los Angeles city area and Paul Walker in valence issues regarding charitable fundraising had gone. Hayan storm in Philippines help people affected by the devastation of the ceremony she was attending. uylynsya event in the Los Angeles area, a charity organization Reach Out World Wide (ROWW) had held.

Thrilling full of suspense and film actor Paul Walker, Fast & Furious new movie was released this year and it was a wonderful success. Seventh film of the series, was released the following year. Filming it has begun., Paul Walker, and the film being in the middle of this month released. Hurricane Katrina in the film, the father of a child injured in the struggle depicted’s.

News of his death on Facebook and Twitter was first released, Paul Walker, after the death of the Hollywood film industry performers began to publish message on Facebook. Their messages of condolences to ten More than a million post your reply or clicked.

Walker was eager to run at high speed sports cars. Additionally, he was deeply impressed by marine sports. They often had called himself drank sea. Has left behind a fifteen-year-old daughter.

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