Female Muslim Superhero Kamala Khan

U.S. publishing company introduced in February a new comic book series published by Marvel comic publishers. This is the first time a Muslim girl Kamala Khan’s character has been introduced. This girl possesses supernatural abilities and can change her face shape.

Sixteen years old Kamala Khan is not an ordinary Muslim girl. U.S. Marvell’s new superhero comic, and owns several amazing capabilities. His emigration to the United States from Pakistan living in a Pakistani family and puberty This girl step into a multi-dimensional crisis of identity.

Superhero Kamala Khan

Marvell Kamala role of publishers and editors Steve Walker creates Sana Amanat. Cartoon series when it was discovered that the character when starting a trust in the U.S. as a Muslim Pakistani girl tells interesting experiences of my childhood. Comic series writer G. Willow Wilson, who had converted to Islam, much like the character and he immediately approved the project.

Wilson says, “I wanted to be a real character Miss Marvell, especially the young girls with whom you can feel your PIN. Anyway, I put my childhood also have many experiences.
Sixteen years old Kamala Khan are having all the problems, the old girl a multicultural background, American society has to face every situation. Well as in the home and outside their tradition and modernity the struggle between the victims.
I have a brother who is very conservative and a mother who loved her too much trouble, but it also makes it saying that he will not approach a guy, otherwise to be pregnant. Outside her friend’s problems appear to understand.

The girl face many difficulties which all Muslims suffering especially after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

So far, only the covers of this series and only a few details have surfaced. Seen on the cover of a young girl can be pretty quick, the legendary black T-shirt has the power to make a mark in the shape of a letter S. ‘s. books under his left arm holding the girl in his other hand punching looks wavy.

Kamala for this character’s name was deliberately chosen so that the sixteen-year-old Pakistani Swat Valley matches, after being seriously wounded by the Taliban on education for girls struggle for basic rights continues.

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