Fruits and Vegetables for Health & Beauty

Several effective fruit packs provide freshness and novelty to your face. This sort of way out leads you to obtain comprehensive beauty status. Different fruits and vegetables can be use for making different types of several mixtures and assortments, as the vegetables are very beneficial and advantageous with respect to cooking as well as for beauty enhancement. The process of making different fusions by using different fruits and vegetables is elaborated below.

Beauty Secrets using Fruits & Vegetables


The process of making a cucumber tonic, which can be helpful making your skin more fresh and healthy, is given below:

  • Crush one or two cucumbers (as required).
  • Extract its juice by squeezing it.
  • Take 1/4 tea spoon of lemon juice and Arq-e-Gulab.
  • Now mix the extracted cucumber juice with lemon juice & Arq-e-Gulab.
  • Now Spread it over your face and see the result.

This tonic will surely help you getting rid of dull and tedious coloring of skin and make your skin more refreshing and uplifting.


The process and instructions of making a tomato tonic, which can be helpful avoiding the sun burn for your skin, is given below:

  • Drink tomato juice early in the morning.
  • Mix four tea spoons of buttermilk in two tea spoons of tomato juice.
  • Put it over your face.
  • Put it off your face after half hour and see the radiant result.

I hope that this tonic is going to help you getting rid of sun burn for your skin.


As all other advantageous vegetables, cabbage is also one of the beneficial vegetables in this world. Several advantages and characteristics, of which cabbage comprises, are given below:

  • Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium and Iron are present abundantly in cabbage.
  • Cabbage can be used as a cleanser.
  • When it’s eaten, it provides dietary fibers to our body as well as several other nutritious elements.

Here is an ancient narrative that the Chinese constructors of one and only, WALL OF CHINA, were also provided with plenty of cabbage, so that they could keep their nerves alive and strong for working more consistently.

  • It’s also quite beneficial for making the effect of over aging comparatively slow.
  • Soup of cabbage helps controlling and eliminating the pain from different joints of body parts.


Cabbage is used as beauty aid. This objective can be achieved by following given simple procedure.

  • Grind few leaves of cabbage and extract their juice by pinching them.
  • Then put one tea spoon of honey and crush it after that.
  • Spread it over your face equivalently.
  • After 20 minutes, clean your face with wet cotton.

This mask helps you eliminating and manipulating wrinkles and rumples from your skin and makes you look like a newly bloomed flower.

I hope that this article will give you more tips about beauty enhancement.

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