How to Get Kylie Lips? – Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Kylie Jenner’s lips are getting famous in current fashion world. This looks has transformed her lips in terms of shape and size. She has also used bold new colors which are rarely used by females. Therefore, this summer try any of these bold shades for adding some liveliness to any common look. Have a look at these stunning looks if you want to get kylie lips.

Kylie Jenner Lips Tutorial

1. Be Daring with Brown

Try pure matt lipstick of color studio in golden brown color for matching the beautiful and daring look of Kylie.

Color Studio Matt Lipstick in Golden Brown

2. The Bold Black

Use satin black color of ‘makeup forever’ brand. You can look more confident by using this color.

Black is the New Black

3. The Amazing Wine Lips

This look is highly coveted. You will need long-lasting lipstick of Masarrat Misbah in marilyn move color. Simply apply on lines and corners of lips. Then blend inward for achieving this amazing look.

Wine Lips with Masarrat Misbah Lipstick Marilyn Move

4. Nude or Nothing

Mild nude is regarded as best to get rid of regular apricot and pink tones. You must try this shade of MAC in velvet teddy for getting a hot look.

MAC Nude Shade

5. Fresh in Fleshtones

This look is most frequently adopted by Kylie Jenner. Maybelline brand’s ‘The Buffs’ Bare’ is best to use. It is just like flesh-toned gem.

Kylie Jenner Fleshtones

6. Passionate for Crimson

It is always difficult to find good red color lipstick but ‘2000 Kisses’ by Diana of London in crimson red color is extremely tough to defeat. A black color dress looks outstanding with this lipstick. Kylie also prefers to wear black dress along with crimson red for attracting the attention of others.

Kylie Crazy for Crimson

All these 6 looks will help you look bold and attractive. Try them by your own and feel the change in yourself. You will definitely adore them.

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