Hair Care Tips for Rough Hair, Dandruff & Hair Falling

Riven Ends

It’s really a noticeable problem when hair start falling and becoming riven ended, that’s so embarrassing as well as disgusting also. Although it is a very common issue among today’s people when hair problems are concerned. There are several treatments available for many hair fall issues but unfortunately, this is the only one which can’t be treated by medication or exercise; and the one and solution to get rid of this problem is to give yourself a haircut so that all of these split ended hair would be eliminated.

Hair Falling So Quickly?

There is a problem of being “bald” as a result of excessive hair fall and no hair are left after being bald. So, technically “bald” means a head without hair. We should be aware of the fact that our hair live in the form of forming a cycle. This cycle has an estimated duration of 8 years. The cycle starts when the hair grows, then they rests for few months and at the end they shed. During this cycle, their scheduled proceeding can be interrupted by unintentional stress, weight loss, weakness or fever. If your hair shed, you should not worry about it because scientifically 10% hair fall nature has been called as normal. Besides, you have to focus on your diet as well because the health of hair also depends upon your diet.

Hair Care Tips for Perfect Hair

Dry and Rough Hair

We feel so much offended whenever our hair get dry and rough. Actually if we notice the core cause of this problem, we’ll come to know that WE are responsible for this, because we use hot water for washing our head, dryer for drying the hair or a flat iron. These are the things which damage our hair. You should keep one thing in mind that every hot exposure would surely damage your hair, there should not be any doubt about it.


Yes, fighting dandruff is also necessary because if it is neglected then it can harm your hair. But dandruff is pretty much easier to control. For instance, you can use any good quality shampoo which are easily available in the market.
Hope that by following these simple tips, you will take care of your hair.

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