Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight via quick and easy way? If you only need to eat a healthy breakfast. World’s top nutrition experts say that breakfast is the most important every day diets of humans and should not be undervalue or miscalculate. But what are the contents of this healthy breakfast?

Experts recommend eating a healthy breakfast include some nutrients that contribute to weight loss, according to the German experts. The ideal healthy breakfast should include the following materials:

Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

Eating fewer calories great in the morning instead of the evening

Indicated new studies conducted by nutrition experts at the University of Tel Aviv, that people who ate meals with fewer calories in the morning over the period of the evening quickly reduced weight compared to those who ate the opposite. The one who followed the diet eating breakfast matinee contain about 1,400 calories lost 8 kilos of weight during the 12 weeks, while those who take diet lost 3.3 kilos evening only of their weight in the same period. The reason for this is that the process of metabolism works better in the morning than the evening, and so the body loses larger amounts of fat.

Proteins are essential in the breakfast

American study from the University of Oklahoma pointed out that the breakfast rich in protein, which also contains a breakfast of eggs and milk and butter, is the best diet.

Dietary fiber is also important

dietary fiber is not digestible, but help push food inside the digestive tract, and therefore help in the process of the diet, according to studies carried out by scientists fed Swedish.

Morning exercises before breakfast

From practicing 30 minutes in the morning before eating breakfast increases the proportion of body fat consumption increased by three-fold. The reason for this is because the body of Khao food after a period of sleep and needs to be who shall energy consumption of energy in the body in the morning when you perform the exercises, according to the location indicated by the Germany.

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