Healthy Lifestyle with expert advice on Nutrition & Wellness

Life is all about balance everyone. Live well, eat well, sleep well and wake up fresh everyday life and enjoy a happy life, meet life’s challenges happy and with as little stress as possible. We need to choose healthy lifestyle with expert advice on nutrition & wellness.


In case you are wondering, this is not a tribute to the popular Bee Gees track from the legendary movie sound track Saturday Night Fever, with Hollywood heart throb John Travolta getting down to business with his iconic dance floor grooves.

On the contrary, yet with equal fervor, it’s about doing what is right for your body and giving yourself maximum opportunity for an extended life based on a sound plan for health and wellness.

With advances in science and technology, while the world is a better place with evolution of conveniences in lifestyle, yet on the flip side, we are also bombarded with toxins and stressors as a byproduct.

In order for us to live longer and healthier lives, we must treat our bodies with respect.

Healthy Lifestyle

Here are a few things we can do:


If you have been following my page on Facebook, or are keeping up with current nutrition and health trends you must be aware of the term ‘Probiotics’ by now. Our gut is teaming with bacteria – some “good” and some “bad”. Our eating habits and food choices determine which type of bacteria will thrive in our gut. The gut can become over populated with bad bacteria by eating junk. An occasional happy meal won’t do long term damage but, regular intake of junk food will cause lining of the gut inflamed. When the lining is inflamed, the body produces an immune reaction to fight the inflammation. This leads to more inflammation, as a result of which the bad bacteria flourish. The Bad bacteria cause weakening of the stomach acid and enzymes, interfering with the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. They also cause the concentration of bile, which in turn interferes with excretion of toxins and hormones from the body leading to various diseases especially hormone related cancers.

The good bacteria not only fight the manifestation of chronic diseases including cancer, they also play an important role in keeping weight off and fighting obesity. So avoid processed food, medications, limit intake of concentrated drinks and increase fiber intake. Fiber is a necessary fuel for the good bacteria. Probiotic supplement consumption in consultation with your nutritionist and health practitioner has been shown to be of huge benefit.


  1. Probiotics are sensitive to temperature, moisture and oxygen, so the source or company producing the Probiotic must be checked.
  2. Probiotic strength is measured in terms of CFU or colony forming units varying from 1 billion CFUs to 10 billion CFUs depending on the condition of the gut.
  3. Ideally it should be taken with food so that the organisms are not destroyed by the stomach acid.
  4. Some people need to start with lower doses and build up daily consumption as initially some people can feel gassy and bloated.
  5. The Probiotics must be refrigerated after the bottle has been opened.


There’s saying ‘Weight is lost in the kitchen not in the gym.’ Do not be fooled exercising 2 hours a day without changing your eating habits. This will not make your weight come off.

Exercise does give the metabolism a boost. It gets the lymphatic system going, so it is integral for a healthy body. But if you want to shed some serious body fats then change the way you eat!


Studies have shown that lack of sleep produces a hormone called Gherlin. This hormone stimulates hunger and slows down the metabolism. It also causes fat accumulation around the organs. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important in keeping the weight off! And if you are thinking we are just saying that for the fun for it, think again!

By Dr. Saamiya Raazi
Dr Saamiya Raazi is one of Pakistan’s few expert advocates on wellness and nutrition as an alternate health lifestyle. With Global Training from Nutritional and Medical Institutes in New York, California & London, she has made a remarkable impact on her patients and is an expert on weight and stress management through nutrition, and wellness programs.

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