Hollywood Actor Harrison Ford injured on set of Star Wars II

American famous actor Harrison Ford is hardly injured on the set of Star Wars II Episode VII. He slipped during the shooting when he performs on the set of Start Wars II Episode VII.

According to reports, 71 years old Harrison Ford is injured because Pinewood Studios door broke and hardly hit Harrison which causing the injury of the actor.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo in the first three Star Wars films, and recently he played the role of ‘New Episode Seven” were engaged in the manufacture of premium. He was taken at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford by helicopter.

Hollywood Celebrity Harrison Ford

Lucas films director said that that during the recovery process of Harrison Ford, movie work will continue.

Company spokesman announced Thursday night that Harrison Ford shooting during recovery project will go according to plan.

In London, the Thames Valley Police confirmed that officers were called after five o’clock in the evening and was told that the actor had fallen at the feet of the garage door.

With Harrison Ford in the film Star Wars actor Mark Hemlata initial series, actress Carrie Fisher, Peter Hugh and I are working.

The first three installments of the Star Wars movie was presented. This time three films and ‘New episode of seven’ is the first of them.

This times the actors of the original film with Oscar-winning actress lopita nyong, including John Boyega and Daisy Ridley.

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