Hollywood Movie ‘Boyhood’ Trailer, Cast, Review

Boyhood is an upcoming Hollywood movie which is produced from last eleven years May 2002 to October 2013, and now finally the film has set to release recently. You will see several films in which the main character lives off of childhood, youth and old age will be shown. For these films, the coming-of-age term is used.

The film was released in July 2014 that the film was a Boyhood. Coming-of-age type from the main actors in films since childhood, youth and old age, to show different periods of life for many actors, or at least are hiring child star. Boyhood in the sense that it is a unique film of the same actors in his childhood, youth and maturity shown in nine. That’s why the film failed completely in twelve years long.

Boyhood director and writer Richard Linklater when the main character is played by actor Ellar Coltrane, Protagonist’s name is Mason. Ellar Coltrane choice for the film was in 2002 when he was 7. Boyhood filmed was continued until the end of 2013. Every year Richard and his team members come together in the summer and the next phase of the film is filmed. Ellar’s younger years when he filmed the movie was only four or five days. As they grew so too grows filmed span reached a month. Ellar’s experience during the summer holidays spent Camp (Summer Camp) is the type.

Hollywood Movie Boyhood Trailer

Mason to play the role of parents Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke was hired. The completion of the film during the youth of old age was entered. Richard Mason’s sister’s role was played by the real daughter brought Lore. Even before the viewer’s eyes move from childhood into adolescence has limitations.

Closer to real-life movie filmed the schedule was tight. Sometimes, to give the actors develop their work was necessary. As the movie progressed, the actors filmed beginning to realize that the film had been an impact on their personal lives. For example, until the completion of the film Patricia ‘natural look’ was maintained. Patricia says, Richard and I talked about it. Richard was a condition imposed in the course of the next twelve years of plastic surgery or operation, such a difference in my face when I file, which will.

Boyhood two and a half hours long, is the brainchild of the story completely, but those who have seen the film say that the film ‘The Truman Show‘ (by Jim Carrey as the hero of the film, which was released in 1998 and the ‘master piece’ is) very close to real life is like.

Boyhood Ellar’s story is inspired by real life. A film revolves around a mother and her child. Euler’s mother (hippie) and he had three wives. Each of the Ellar’s mother shortly after it was forced to go into a new area.

Ellar’s aunt was associated with a modeling agency. One day Eullar goes with her aunt in her modeling agency. Fortunately, she was selected to work in an ad, and it was in the eyes of a child, Richard, who was looking for a central role of Boyhood. Euler’s family by contacting Richard told them he wanted to sign the child in his film, but the film will be completed in twelve years. Euler’s parents willingly allowed him to become an actor.

Boyhood’s first exhibition was held in January at Sydney Film Festival. Boyhood film reviewers awarded as one of the best films of the decade.

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