Home Remedies for Perfect Straight Hair

Taking good care of our hair is one of the most important facts of maintaining our beauty. For this purpose, we do a lot of effort like going out, searching for an appropriate designer or makeup artist or hairstylist so that you could get your desires fulfilled right according to your wishes. But whenever a situation comes up to you like you have to go somewhere very urgently and you don’t have enough time to go to your stylist and get your desired look. Then you say “Oh, it’s OK. I will do makeup myself”. Now suddenly you think about your hair and then you start worrying about how will you be able to make your hairstyle.

Straight Hair Home Remedy

Now, you don’t have to be worried about the hair styling when it comes to urgently winding up the work so that you could go anywhere you want without wasting any more time. Here we are going to explain some facts how you can straighten your hair when you are at your home and don’t have time to get your hairstyle from the stylist.

All You Need

First of all you need to have a good quality hair straightener. Try to be aware of the fact that it should be of ceramic type otherwise your hands are going to be burnt. Now you have to turn it on and be careful while adjusting the heat. You have to pick the right temperature reading and don’t let the plates overheat. How’s it? All done? OK! Let’s move to the next step. You’re ready!

Banana Honey Mask

For this, you have to mash papaya and banana and then mix one full spoon of honey in this mixture. Now apply this mixture on your hair. When this mixture dries fully, now is the time to wash it up. After washing it, dry your hair by using a dryer.

Coconut Cream & Lemon Mask

For making Coconut Cream and Lemon Mask, you have to whip some coconut cream with lemon juice liquid. Now apply this mixture on your hair. Your hair will look much straighter after wash.

Hope that it would be helpful giving you the assistance when it comes to hair straightening at home.

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