Honey Sing with Wife America tour to promote Happy New Year

India’s one the famous and emerging singer Yo Yo Honey Singh now a day sick. Honey Singh have to go with Shah Rukh Khan for a month to visit United States to promote new Bollywood movie ‘Happy New Year’, but their blood pressure disease growing day by day, so it could not be possible to go America.

Honey Singh wife Shalini Singh is helping to cure her husband as soon as possible.

In America now a days, the new Indian film ‘Happy New Year’ promotional campaign started, where Honey Singh with actor Shah Rukh has to program in several cities. But he is sick for last several days.

Honey Singh Wife Shalini Pics

Honey Singh doctor suggest his to take little rest, but to perform on the United States to promote Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year movie, Honey Singh now on tour with his wife because she will taking care of her husband.

Yo Yo Honey Sing Biography

Date of Birth : 15 March 1983
Place of Birth : Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Nationality : Indian
Other names : Yo Yo Honey Singh, Hirdesh Singh
Occupation : Rapper, Singer, Music Producer, Actor
Years active : 2004– present
Religion : Sikhism

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