How to grow eyelashes and eyebrows naturally

It’s been more than a month since social withdrawal was implemented nationwide to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, and people who maintain their appearance weekly are finding it tough. Due to the closing of hair salons, more people are learning how to clip their own hair or practising at-home manicures and pedicures.

This applies to those with lash extensions and untreated eyebrows and lashes. Properly shaped eyebrows and lash extensions can give you a natural facelift. Focus on the brow arch and lash volume. Now that the extensions are fading and the brows are growing, what should be done? Teen Vogue asked experts how to prevent eyelash and brow extensions while maintaining originality.

Well-formed eyebrows highlight a person’s features and personality. Big eyebrows have become popular, even though pencil-thin eyebrows were formerly the norm. As fashion fads come and go and larger eyebrows become more trendy, everyone wants great-looking eyebrows. Movie stars and fashion show models wear them.

Everywhere. People notice a person’s eyebrows the most. Fuller, darker eyebrows attract focus to your eyes. Full eyebrows enhance any makeup. Few people have naturally thick brows. Some of us have sparse, thin eyebrows and want to thicken them. You can get the treatment at a salon or parlour or at home. There’s no magic technique to regrow eyebrow hair overnight, but a few things help speed it up and make it look natural. Natural therapies are more effective.

The following is a list of the top ten natural ways to thicken your brows.

1. Castor oil

This approach for developing thicker eyebrows is one that has been tried and tested over and over again, and it has been shown to be effective. Because of its high concentration of proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, it can be used to improve the health of your hair follicles. Castor oil should be applied daily to the roots of your eyebrow hairs to stimulate new hair growth and ensure that each individual hair strand is tough and robust. Method:

Apply a few drops of castor oil to your eyebrows and work it in with your fingertips in a circular motion. After thirty minutes, you should leave it on and then remove any remaining makeup with a makeup remover wipe before washing your face with warm water.

2. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is excellent for improving blood circulation, as well as functioning as a conditioner and moisturiser. It does all three of these things wonderfully. The natural proteins ound in hair and the fatty acids found in coconut oil work together to protect the hair from breaking. Because it contains lauric acid, it can work as an antibacterial agent, preventing hair follicles from becoming infected with bacteria. Coconut oil is rich in a range of proteins, as well as vitamins E and iron, and other essential components that contribute to the development of robust, full eyebrows. Even if you only apply coconut oil to your brows a few times a week, you may see a significant improvement in their appearance. Method:

After soaking a cotton swab in the oil, apply it to your brows in the same manner. Keep it on throughout the night. Face washing first thing in the morning is a good idea.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil is an excellent source of vitamins A and E, both of which contribute to the growth of healthy hair. Vitamin E nourishes each individual strand of hair, and vitamin A encourages the production of sebum, which is the natural oil produced by the body that assists in the growth of hair. If you practise this at least once every day, you will see effects in a matter of weeks rather than months. Method:

You can add a drop of olive oil to each of your eyebrows by using the very tip of your finger. After an hour or two, wash it off with water and some facial cleanser to remove it.

4. Onion juice

Onion juice is loaded with nutrients that are great for encouraging the growth of hair, including sulphur, selenium, minerals, vitamins B and C, and vitamin C in particular. This encourages the growth of eyebrow hair that is both more rapid and more dense. Sulfur plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen tissues, which are essential for the healthy growth of brown hair. In addition to this, it is beneficial to the hair follicles. It is recommended to use lemon juice in order to totally get rid of the scent of onions because the smell is rather potent. Applying onion juice to your eyebrows every other day will help them look fuller. Method:

After slicing the onion into smaller bits and combining it, you should end up with a paste. This must be strained in order to obtain the juice. Using a Q-tip, dab some of the liquid onto your eyebrows. Keep it turned on for the next hour. To remove, wipe with a cotton ball that has been dipped in lemon juice that has been diluted.

5. Egg Yolk

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and include the protein keratin, which is the component that gives the hair on the brows their structure. Keratin is an essential component of the majority of hair growth supplements on the market today. Egg yolks are an excellent source of the nutrient biotin, which is necessary for the growth of both brows and eyelashes. Your rate of growth will be accelerated significantly in the event that you apply this therapy on a biweekly basis. Method:

Separate the egg white from the yolk in a separate bowl. After being beaten, the yolk ought to have a smooth texture. Use a brush or a Q-tip to apply the product to your eyebrows. After the first twenty minutes, keep the mask on and rinse it off with warm water.

6. Let them reach their full maturity.

The greatest time to let your brows grow out is now, despite the temptation to pluck them. Jas Imani of Jas Imani Beauty tells Teen Vogue, “Now that we’re home, you need to let them live and focus on nurturing them.” “Let them live and don’t style them much.” An expert on feathery brows says it’s less about how much hair you tweeze than when and how often. It doesn’t matter how much hair you tweeze.

Kristie tells Teen Vogue about her process even though she doesn’t object to tweezing. “Don’t touch your brows for 6-8 weeks.” During this time, eyebrows should not be trimmed, tweezed, waxed, or threaded. Using tweezers, remove only low-lying stray hairs. On the lid and body’s outside, these hairs develop fastest. You should let your eyebrows grow normally for six to eight weeks. After this cycle, your eyebrows will grow where they should and be more manageable. Be patient and nurture them; we can’t predict how long we’ll be socially isolated, even if six to eight weeks seems interminable.

7. Don’t stop giving them food.

How frequently do we think about brow maintenance because we’re so used to having them threaded and waxed and trusting our hairdressers to determine the perfect shape? We rarely touch our brows outside the beauty parlour because we don’t want to destroy their natural shape. Jas Imani recommends including brow serum into your nighttime routine if you’ve never tried it. No scientific evidence supports the idea that castor oil promotes hair growth. Castor oil improves hair suppleness, according to Allure. 

By the time the salons reopen, your eyebrows will be thicker and longer than ever. Jas Imani suggests brushing your brows numerous times a day to keep them in shape. “This exfoliates the area below your brow hair, allowing new hair to develop,” she said. “New hair grows” Kristie’s Aforé Oil is a pre-tweezing oil. She tells Teen Vogue, “It’s a nourishing oil for brow hair and a terrific serum for the cheeks and cuticles.” It’s a multipurpose product, with all these purposes.

8. The Appropriate Form Taken

You shouldn’t pluck or colour your brows yet, but brow gel can shape and thicken them. There are tons of products that can help you shape and fill up your brows while allowing them to grow and acquire nourishment. These products can help you shape your brows.

Jas Imani uses Boy Brow by Glossier, Soapbrow by ABH, and the ABH Brow Wiz. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Best Brows Ever Kit includes Brow Wiz. Anastasia, a brand employee, says it provides the right tools to achieve naturally defined brows. Since eyebrows are one of the hardest parts of your makeup process to perfect, this is the perfect time to practise your form and product application without feeling pressured.

Advice on How to Grow Your Eyebrows

1. Consume meals that are high in biotin.

The vitamin biotin is essential for healthy hair growth. Eggs, avocados, salmon, and peanuts are all great foods to consume if you want to treat your hair loss in a natural way.

2. Apply a serum to your eyebrows and eyelashes.

A product known as brow serum is formulated to stimulate the expansion of hair follicles located above and between the brows. Peptides are a type of component that may be found in some of the most effective serums that speed up the growth of hair.

3. Refrain from applying any kind of cosmetics.

Your eyebrows’ rate of growth might be slowed down if you use heavy cosmetics on your face.

4. Refrain from applying any topical creams or lotions.

The hair follicles are obstructed by creams and lotions. This prevents your eyebrow hair from growing in as long and healthy as it might, and it also disrupts the regular breathing process that hair normally goes through.

5. Lightly touch your brows.

Make it a habit to massage your brows regularly. Through massage therapy, one can expect an improvement in the blood circulation around the eyebrows. This results in an even greater increase in the availability of nutrients.

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