How to Plump Sexy Lips using Shot Glass at Home

It is the dream of every girl to get the sexy lips. Girls and women use wide variety of techniques for pluming their lips. Nowadays girls don’t want to have thin lips but they want the plum ones. Lips play an important role in making the girls attractive, sexy and beautiful. Some of the actresses in film industry are very famous only because of their lips. Girls choose different techniques for making their thin lips big. This is not a good way to enhance your eyes with makeup but don’t focus on your lips. You should properly use lipstick, liner as well as gloss in a proper way for making your lips attractive.

However there are different ways of getting the big lips. Some of them are discussed as under:

1. Plastic surgery or lip injections

This technique works well but has some disadvantages and danger involved in it. This is a risky method and is costly too. Lip injections are very dangerous because needles are used. This can cause various kinds of allergies on different skin types.

2. Using the pluming lipsticks or glosses

The method of using pluming lipsticks as well as glosses is very common but it may not be useful for every type of person. This is due to the fact that the pluming glosses add little effect in the lips. If you have medium sized lips neither too thin nor too big then you can apply pluming lipsticks on them for making them prominent.

Plump your Lips with Shot Glass Method

These two methods are not very useful. So you should focus on the one discussed as under:

3. Using the Shot Glass Method

This process is not as simple as its name. There are different steps involved in this process. It be completed within weeks.

Activities of first week

In first week, you need to do certain activities.

  • Take one shot glass from the kitchen, this will be used later.
  • First you need to apply the petroleum jelly onto the lips so that the lips can be moisturized.
  • Now you need to put the glass onto your lips and then suck the air backward. You should suck the air until you feel that the glass has been tightened. After few seconds you need to release the glass.
  • Repeat the same activities four to five times a week.

It should be noted that this is the first week so you should be patient and the whole process will take longer.

How to Plump Lips with Makeup

Activities to be performed in second week

As this is the second week so you need to increase the suction time but the activities are same. You need to hold the glass for 5-8 seconds and carry the activity three to five times a day. This will make your lips prominent in front of others.

4. Lip Plumping Serum

This is another technique used to get the plum lips. This is a cheap serum and can be bought from different medical stores. But on the other hand, this serum has awesome and visible outcomes.

These methods are useful but may have some side effects. You should be patient and gentle. You should not be too harsh or keep the suction for more time period because it can break the vessels. The lips moisturizing is very important and you need to take great care of this. If you keep your lips dry then many cracks can be occur in them which will simply make your lips unattractive and ugly. Dark colored lipstick or gloss should be used for making your lips prominent and big.

Plum your lips and become attractive, hot and sexy.

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